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  1. Venkadesh_M

    how to write data into disk physical memory directly using C in windows

    I want to directly access the physical sectors of a memory card using C in windows. How can i do this? Also i dont worry about the file system. I want to make the card compatible with my micro controller.. If this post is not relevent to this topic, moderators please do consider. Thanks in...
  2. Venkadesh_M

    [PIC] Interfacing between USB and SD card voltage levels

    Hello All, I want to interface between MMC card and USB pen drive with a PIC 16F controller. My problem is voltage level two devices, USB has 5V logic and SD card operates on 3.3V, So how can I do this with out voltage level convertors or anything else am I missing? I am New to USB, So please...
  3. Venkadesh_M

    UART BULK data receive and transmit

    Hi I am working on LPC2134 NXP ARM controller, my need is a best algorithm for receiving and transmitting(received) bulk data without affecting the program flow with ISR pls give some clues...
  4. Venkadesh_M

    [SOLVED] 16 x 2 LCD interfacing problem

    Hi all, I am using PIC 16f877A with lcd jhd 162a. I am trying to interfacing in a 4 bit mode. I am doing all this sending command as said in manual and followed by data but i am getting clear screen on first line and block boxes on second line. 0x3 0x3 0x3 0x28 //for 4 bit mode 0x08...

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