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    Report on ASIC for pollution control

    ASIC design hi I have to submit a small report on this topic by thursday........ "ASIC for pollution control" please help me neha
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    please suggest me some books

    Hi all ' we have a course named "Analog electronics" in our institute which basically deals with operatiional apmplifiers and their applications ....The textbook which we are asked to folllow is not good....so can u plz suggest me a book which provides good concepts and also excellent practjce...
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    sol manual to Microelectronics Circuits 4th ed

    Hi The link is not working ..I think we shouldn't use this site to upload solutions... Im in a n urgent need of them... Can u mail them to me directly...My email Id:neha_agarwal2k3@yahoo.co.in or if it is not poosible to email,u can use this site to upload www.yousendit.com bye neha

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