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    hardware for electronic door lock...

    thanks klystron for ur reply can u give some more details about solenoid plunger or how to use or make this
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    hardware for electronic door lock...

    SIR/MADAM, i m aadarsh kumar singh final year student and i m working on a project to design electronic door lock and i m almost ready with my pcb or you can say the main circuit i m having a 5 volt output from my circuit what i need is now is a help on how to utilise this to lock a door SO...
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    atmega 16 vs at89c2051

    thanks a lot sir..... can u help me on buliding new schematic with atmega16 replacing tht having at89c2051?
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    atmega 16 vs at89c2051

    Hiii friends, i want to replace at89c2051 with atmega 16 in my circuit ,is this possible? If yes plzzz do let me know as soon as possible....
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    how to make color detection using matlab or anything...

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone i ned to detect color using matlab or in any other way as i m doing a project which will be having a hardware which will change color according to the surrounding color soo i need to detect color of the environment and then interface it with my microcontroller hardware...
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    Doing the colour sensing using DIP part

    Re: Defence future plans thanks a lot for ur appreciation if u dont mind can u give a little bit more details of what u told about using LDR u can message me here on edaboard ---------- Post added at 22:17 ---------- Previous post was at 22:12 ---------- @microlab actually sir i m thinking...
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    Doing the colour sensing using DIP part

    Hiiiiii everyone, i m ec 4 year student i need urgent help on one of the topic that i m thinking of actually i want to design a hardware that changes colour according to the environment and i m not sure whether it is possible to do the colour sensing part using dip , if yes kindly help me on...
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    Hpes training kit INCLUDING ATMEGA 8

    Hiiiiii everyone is there anybody who has developed the kit provided by hpes?? I need some urgent help plzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Link to a tutorial for Eagle software

    hiiiiii everyone plzzzzzzzz help me to work on eagle to design schematic and pcb .........
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    how to convert c code into assembly language code

    hiiiiiiii friends i have a project in which i m having my programm in c language and i want it in assembly language how can i convert it into assembly language
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    progamming of microcontrollers(atmega 16 atmega 8)

    hayyy friends can any body can help me to know basics of avr studio 4 for programming of atmega 16 and atmega 8 plzzzzzzzz friends help me soon. u can suggest me any site for it also...........
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    project based on at89c52

    hayyy friends i m working on a project based on at89c52 and having a problem---- i m not getting the programmer in my college is there any way to burn my programm in it and i cant afford its programmer as at internet its showing that its of rs1500 plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me as soon as possible

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