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    [B]Need Manual or Catalogue of S.A ATEQF Air Leak Detector ![/B]

    Need Manual or Catalogue of S.A ATEQF Air Leak Detector ! hey i bought this detector from scrap, i used to for a while to detect the gas leak. It worked for a while but now its not functioning, its totally blank it doesn't turn-on. Now i want to repair this module but i cannot find the manual...
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    Need Hydraulic Pressure Regulator !

    I need high pressure hydraulic regulator, Minimum Requirements:- Flow rate :- 50-60 liter per minute Regulator's port size :- 3/4, 1 inch (NPT) Pressure :- 200 bars (2900.7 PSI)
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    [SOLVED] Need sensors for Fiber Cables !

    Hi, I'm looking for schematics of sensors that could detect the concentricity of fiber cables. Below is the defined application:- APPLICATION:- A Fiber cable plant manufactures cables, they recently had complaints about the eccentricity of the conductor. They need a sensor for that purpose...

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