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    Help on Superconducting YBCO thin film

    Hi All I have problem with the resistivity measurements on YBCO thin films. when I deposited Silver pads (with annealing at 460C) on a non-patterning fresh film I can see zero ohm at Tc (Superconductivity). But, when I deposited Silver pads(with annealing at 460C) on patterned ybco stip line, I...
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    High Speed PCB design:REQ

    Hello All, I have small Project and I need some help from you guys My project is to design High speed PCB to connect CPU to couple of external memories. If you were me how could you defines: - PCB stackup (2,4,6,8 layers!!!). - Trace design based on I/O driver!!! how!! what!!. - PCB...
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    help.. High speed PCB issues

    Hello All, I just want some help for this problem if u can pls! I want to do high speed pcb design for a processor connected into two external memory. and maybe i need to use clock for sync. I want to know this 1- pcb stackup 2- terminations stratagy ( clock - address bus- reset) 3- trace...
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    REQ: high speed PCB design

    Hello All, could some one help!! I want to do high speed PCB design to match CPU or Microprocessor to more than external memory!! say two or three. I want to know how to calculate and terminate both sides plus the other things related to the design. could any one advice me for ebooks or paper...
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    Definition of CPU and its limit of computing

    CPU Hello all, I have samll quation pease if u know just replay and help: Genral defination of CPU? What is the limit of computing of the CPU? and type of CPU. if u want to chose one for any case... like if u want processer for beam forming application, how u ganna chose one for this...
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    Matlab in error detection

    Hello All, this is my request....please if u know help. if u want to transmit a high resolution digital pic in a very noisy slow channel, halfduplex telkom channel with 20dB SNR, and u have speed of 300bits/sec. pic size is 2Mbyte, modulated on OOK method, u transmit discrete message package...
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    FDTD Matlab Code for Transmission line simulation

    1d transmission in fdtd Hello All, I am lloking for 1D FDTD matlab code for transmission line simulation... Please any one have it or know where I could find it .. let me know. Thanks.

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