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    standard deviation system implementation in matlab simulink

    standard deviation simulink hi dear all, i want to realize a system in matlab simulink for calculating standard deviation for some values which come from previous stage and save in wokspace .i don't want to use the simulink's ready standard deviation block i need to implement the standard...
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    importing hspice transistor model file in ADS

    hspice transistor model hi dear friends, Does anyone know how it's possible to import hspice model file eg. 0.18um into ADS and run simulation in ADS? I have ADS2002
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    asking help for solving a simple cmos problem

    hi dear all, i am really having problem with calculating in solving cmos problems.please help me with attached problem. best regards
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    cmos designing problem

    hi dear all , i am trying to design below circuit and make it work in saturation region.i tried to do by 0.35u technology and hspice software but i can never make 3 stages work in saturation at the same time.please help me how to do? circuit is attached.supply voltage must be less than 1volt.

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