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    What's the difference between running the DC in normal vs the topographical mode?

    I'm trying to learn more about the topo mode with Design Compiler. And other than few additional commands that the topo mode has, I couldnt tell the difference. Thanks for any clues on this. S
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    [SOLVED] DDC file Synopsys - what does it contain?

    Hello All, I have been trying to find what information does the DDC file contain. Thank you.
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    [SOLVED] Plot in LTSpice - Vt0 vs. Vgs

    Hello, Im trying to plot Vt0 vs. Vgs keeping a Vds constant. In the 'pick a visible trace' list, I can see all the currents and the circuit voltages - but not the device parameters. Please find the circuit below - its a real simple circuit. Any help is appreciated. Thanks ssti

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