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    Digital FM demodulator

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a good implementation in Fpga of FM demodulator , any idea ???? Thank you
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    Toshiba uP...TMP95FY64F vs TMP91FY42FG

    toshload Hi all, I need to replace the old TMP95FY64F with the new TMP91FY42FG....!!! First question it's the right choice ??? The program ,written in assembly, it's compatible except for port address,exc. exc. or not? How can it's possible to find a PC based flash program software for the...
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    a good compiler for implement a fir filters on altera fpga

    fir_filter_generator Hi guys, where can I found a good compiler for implement a fir filters on altera fpga ?? It is possible to found simple free megacore function to implemet fir filters??? Which is the fast and simple solution to implement these filters on fpga ??? Thank you
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    23 GHz band-pass filter

    Hi guys, what is the best solution to build a band pass filter in the 20 GHz band......!!!! Is it possible with the microstrip tecnique with a teflon substrate Hight= 0.3 mm Er=2.5 ?????? Thank you
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    Questions about qam and fir filtering

    hi All, I have a question about filtering a signal using fir filters. I am tring to filter a qam signal with a root raised cosine pulsee shape filter and my filter have two inputs bit and 15 output bits. After the filter I have a DAC with a 10 bits resolution. How have I to choose in the right...
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    Help me implement serial-in / parallel-out fir filter

    Fir filter !!!!!! Hy guys, I need your help about this problem : 1) I use a FIR compiler of Altera 2) I want to implemet a serial-in / parallel-out fir filter ( raised cosine type ) 3) I want to put a 10 bit dac directly connected to the bus of fir filter Now my questions are : 1) Is the...
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    Antenna for 150 up to 200 MHz..........

    Hi guys, I need an omnidirectional antenna ( l/4 or 5/8 l )......the problem is that I don't have a ground plain..... How can it's possible to develop this type of antenna ????? It's possible with a monopole ?????? Thak you
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    Linear power supply design !!!!

    Hi guys, where can i find a good e-book to design a linear power supply with inductive input...... Thak you
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    M*e*g*a*C*o*r*e A *L*T*E*R*A

    Hi guys, it's possible to find the fix for the fir filter and for the Reed-Solomon encoder and decoder m*e*g*a*c*o*r*e* A*L*T*E*R*A...... Thank you Bye
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    How to implement 1 to 4 demultiplexer in VHDL

    Hi guys, I need to implement a simple 1 to 4 demultiplexer in vhdl...please help me ithis is the my first time in vhdl !!!!! The input and output are a byte and the selector are a line with 2 bits... Thak you
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    AHDL language help !!!!!

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a book to learn this language. Is there this type of book or others informations about it ??? Thank you
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    Question about 2.2 GHz low noise vco...????

    I guys, I need to develop a 2.2 - 2.4 GHz vco with very low noise caracteristics, about -110 dBc at 10KHz and -130 dBc at 100 KHz... It is very difficult to find a right schematics for the large tuning range !!! Have you any good idea ?????? Thank you
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    Low voltage and low frequency oscillator ????

    Hi guys, I nedd to develop an sqare wave oscillator in the frequency range of about 400 KHz up to 1.5 MHz with only 2 V of power supply.!!!! I have tested the standard 74hc4046 but the minimum power supply for the oscillator stage is 3 V..... Please give me some suggestion and good idea ...
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    Smartd card and HC908.....?????

    Hi guys, I need to program only 50 bytes on a smart card , but i found only a very complex smart card type in ISO7816 protocol !!!!! Where can I found a software routine in assembler for motorola 68hc908 microcontroller to program this type of card ???? Or is it possible to found another type of...
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    Control A Computer printer with a Pic

    printer pic I guys, I need to connect to a Pic a standard printer like HP or Epson, via RS-232 or parallel port. Are there a software routine and hardaware interface to do it ??? Help please Thank you
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    ASI to G.703 E3 converter.....?????

    Hy guys, I need some information about this converter, is possible to implement this interface on a simple fpga, or where i can find a good guy that is very intertested on developing this project????? Thank you
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    Design a RF Mixer.......????

    microstripline balanced mixer design Hi guys, I need some good ideas to design a rf mixer in the 10 - 12 -14 GHz frequency range with an If signal at 70 MHz. I try to simulate a ring mixer in microstrip line whit ads 1.5 and mwoffice but not with good result. If there are any body that knows...
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    Switchig power supply....

    1000w mc34262 Hi, I'm looking for a project or information about a switching power supply with these caracteristics: - Input : 110-260 Vac - Output : 48 Vdc 18 A with PFC. Thank you

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