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    [Moved] embedded programming learning

    hello , I have great knowledge on C language and its details , embedded system programming and microcontrollers . I am looking forward to work a project with somebody who has the same entheuthiasm , collaboration teach faster give us more knowledge my skype mohammed kamal
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    eclipse help1.elf] Error 1

    h tried to compile a simple project using eclipse and I have this error: Description Resource Path Location Type make: *** [led blinking.elf] Error 1 led blinking C/C++ Problem how can i solve it??
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    [bc558] data sheet help

    hello ,please what diffrernce between collector current(DC) =-100 & peak collector current =-200 in limiting values table in data sheet attached . is the first one dc and the second is ac or what ??
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    interfacing integrated circuit

    how can i interface an integrated circuit with a transistor
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    learning digital design

    hello,i tries to learn digital design i asked about web sites ,books that teach how to design digital system , how to convert your thought into hardware ,(i have an idea how can convert it to hardware.) (design not analysis)

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