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    Intermodulation distorsion in HFSS

    Deal all, Is HFSS able to simulate the intermodulation distorsion? Which means send two signals of different frequency into transmission line? Thanks
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    [SOLVED] How to define ports for CPW in HFSS?

    Hi Mads, Could you please say more detailed about this lumped port? Where did you place the port and the perfect E sheet? It will be even great if you could upload your project file. Thank you very much!
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    HOW to couple ansys and HFSS for thermal analysis

    Hi fusionman, Did you successfully integrate ANSYS with HFSS? How did you get the xml file? There isn't a "export transfer file for ansys" option in my HFSS menu. Could you please let me know how you could get that? Which version of ANSYS and HFSS are you using? Thank you!
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    Material assigment in HFSS

    I'm using HFSS v14. If you see the HFSS->Design Setting->Set Material Override, it says: " This option allows some intersections to be resolved automatically in the mesh. If metal intersects dielectric, the metal will override the dielectric in the region of overlap. If objects with the same...
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    Material assigment in HFSS

    I don't think the order matters in this case, which means there is nothing to do with later or previous. I agree with Feri4030 that "the metal will locally take priority over the dielectric". Definitely, It will be more precise if do the boolean operation.
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    HFSS: solve inside and finite conductivity boundary

    But if I keep the threshold at 10^5, when I choose the solve inside for a component which is, for example copper, it will show the warning message that they may need a large mesh. Do I need to increase this threshold? And is the solve inside on the contrary to "finite conductivity boundary"...
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    Finite conductivity gives higher loss than solve inside in HFSS

    I met similar problem with yours. Have you figured out how to solve it? As far as I am concerned, the finite conductivity only can be used when the dimension of the structure is 5 times larger than the skin depth. So you maybe not use the finite conductivity condition here. And I tried several...
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    HFSS: solve inside and finite conductivity boundary

    Hi everyone, I read a paragraph in HFSS online help and I am not quite understand it. Just post and see if there anyone has some understand towards this one. It is under keyword "Solving inside or on the Surface" HFSS implicityly places a finite counductivity boundary condition on the surfaces...
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    HFSS: parameterize the material property?

    Hi everyone, I have a question on using optimetrics with HFSS. From the help files, there goes "One can parameterize the model geometry, material properties, or boundary conditions". Could anyone show me an example on paraterizing the material properties? I'm trying to vary some material...
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    creat a 3D field rectangular plot

    Could you please share you way on how to export the data to MATLAB? Thank you
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    HFSS Waveport Design for Coplanar Stripline

    Hi everyone, I'm asking how to design the waveport for coplanar stripline? Are there any good ideas? Thank you!
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    Mesh Refinement is too deep?

    My structure is based on a transmission line. The smallest edge is the height of the Tline, which is around 5um. The largest edge is the length of the Tline, which is 1000um. In my previous simulation, there is no such kind of meshing problem. The structures are almost in same dimensions as what...
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    Mesh Refinement is too deep?

    HFSS v12 So mesh operation varies according to the version?
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    Mesh Refinement is too deep?

    Hi everyone, Have you ever met HFSS problem like this? "Mesh refinement is too deep. MDM mesher will make huge mesh for this model. Suggested solutions: (1). Remove the very small objects (2). Specify defeature length to certain objects " I check the model. There are no small objects. I also...
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    how we can plot Ex and Ey and Ez in hfss

    What I can do is to use the field calculator. 1.From the "Quantity", Select "E". 2. And use the "Scal?" in the "Vector" column and press "ScalarX" so to get the Ex in scalar form. 3. By pressing the "Vec?" in the "Scalar" column and then the "VecX" makes it a vector and then just use the...
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    Duplicate - Mirror function in HFSS

    Well, I just want to explore the mirror function. it turns out to be that it may not be so useful to use the mirror function along any line. Just to mirror the things along x or y or z axis is enough. Thank you for your reply
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    [SOLVED] Waveport renormalize in HFSS

    Hi cpiresc, You need to do the renormalization (50 ohm) to get the S-para.
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    Plotting Fields on the Surface in HFSS

    I need to calculate the numerical values for the current. Does anyone know how to use the calculator to make it? Thanks!
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    what is the order of basic function in HFSS

    That's what I am trying to do. Finally I found it under the term "Basic Functions". Thank you!

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