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    Does anyone have circuit to detect RF frequency(300-500MHz)?

    Re: Does anyone have circuit to detect RF frequency(300-500M If you are talking about Singapore and Malaysia, there's no need for a RF Detector to trigger an alarm if someone tired to jammed your system. :) Almost all alarm wireless transmitter are build with code hopping either from...
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    diff b/w MT8880 & CM8880

    MT8880 & CM8880 but NOT DM8880 which is a high voltage 7-segment decoder/driver!!
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    LCF Meter using PIC16f628

    gsm forum Does it work on 16F628A? Did anyone tried it? It dont seems to work on mine..tried a few thing
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    Software for Led Message Display from EPEMag 2006/11

    led messag software rs232 anyone got external link for the file for download? I've not enough point!

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