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    how to add hex value into eeprom programatically in attiny85

    i am making a small home automation circuit to control a relay using ir remote. i want to make flexible by making it to use any remote for that i want to add hex data into eeprom from ir remote. and use it later use i want to add hex file programatically in attiny85.i want a procedure to how...
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    how to use a transistor instead of relay to drive 5v 2amps

    thanks for the speedy reply rajik i have tried it using a mosfet irf540 but there is a voltage drop from 5.5 to 4.6 which makes the circuit failure i need a bjt or mosfet with low or nill voltage drop can u please suggest me one
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    how to use a transistor instead of relay to drive 5v 2amps

    hello everyone i am trying to power a circuit using attiny85 and tsop taking input through ir remote the circuit consumes 5v and 2 amps currently i am driving it using a 5volt relay. i want to drive the circuit using a transistor i am confused which transistor to use instead of the relay...
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    remote control using ht12e with 12 switches

    hello everyone i am currently designing a remote control using ht12e i am able to control six switches using three io pins but i want 12 switches with 4 io pins as i can use 4 io pins of ht12e as data pins i want 12 switches to control these 4 io pins i cannot use any external ic or encoder...
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    nec protocol decoding in c for 89s52(8051)

    hello i want to decode nec format using 89s52 micro and i have develoed the code but im unable to get where is the problem. first thing i want to know is the code correct secondly can i have any c sample code to decode nec format using 89s52 ...if the code is using 89c2051 i will b gladfull...
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    Help Arduino Program

    for the solution of this u can use goto statement and let the arduino wait for command check this out i have rewritten the code with ur requirement void int() { val=digitalRead(pinB); // read data one: if(pinB == HIGH) { Serial.println("PINA ON"); //write serially goto two;} else...
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    how to drive high current 5 volts circuit using 89s52

    hello, i am using 89s52 micro controller to drive a individual circuit,.i.e i have to power a raspberry pie using 89s52. the raspberry needs 5 volts,1amp miniimum to power it i have used a relay to power it but in the cirvuit i have limitation for space so i have opted for mosfet IRF540 with...
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    Decoding TV IR Remote Control Signals (NEC) with MSP430?

    hello eaglemaster i want support to decode nec ir signals using 8051 can u please post the decoding code using 8051 please i am in a very urgent need please send me as soon as possible thank you
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    interfacing seven segment display

    thanks Mr. BradtheRad 74154 pulls only one segment to low at a time but for multiplexing i need all segments to low and the display which has to be changed shud b high....im little bit confused again:-?can u suggest me how to do it - - - Updated - - - yes tat's a good idea mr.jpsganesh but im...
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    interfacing seven segment display

    hello ,everyone. im doing a temparature display using pt100 and pic18f452. i am using 8 pt100 sensors, ie..8 channel inputs.. i want the temparature to be displayed on the seven segment displays so for that to do i need atleast 2 seven segment displays for each channel 1pt100 sensor=2 seven...
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    how to interface both RTC DS1307 and SD CARD to PIC18f452

    Hello all, im am trying to make a data logger to save temparature of 8 different places(i.e 8-channel) i have selected pic 18f452 so tat i have lot many pins to interface multiple seven segment display(say 16) i need to take the temparature inputs and display them on seven segment display and...
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    [SOLVED] Relay Problem with AT89s52

    instead of using an 10k resistor use this combination
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    the output of the microcontroller 89s52 is very low

    i am a begginer in embedde systems and i am trying to do a project firstly i have tried doing a circuit for blinking led the code works but the output coming from output pins is very low(abt 1.89volts) what may be the problem please reply me soon here's the schematic

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