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    Can I place all PMOSs in one Nwell?

    Re: PMOS in Ntub? sharing Ntub does not have good electrical characteristics.
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    drc error in cadence--hot nwell

    hot nwell hai, i am getting DRC error as HOT NWELL while running drc for any circuit in cadence VIRTUOSO layout editor. how could i rectify this.
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    Help for Magma also........

    Magma material is found in this link
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    dynamic and static power dissipation

    refer to "Digital integrated circuits" by Jan Rabey. Dynamic power dissipation=F*C*Vdd*Vdd F=Frequency C-capacitance Vdd-power supply
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    analog layout materials for beginners

    hai, i have started drawing layout using cadence for Comparator.tell me where to refer for this. possible send me some books or some materials for this.
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    Help for Magma also........

    you could find that in the doc tab of magma and user guides will be available in that.

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