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    read data from TSOP1738

    yes UART RX pin. we receive 1's and 0's from tsop1738. my doubt is how to read 0's. because if data is not coming from tsop, microcontroller pin will be 0 only. shall i set UART at 38KHz. because tsop is transmitting at 38khz. can u suggest me how to identify start bit of data coming from tsop.
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    read data from TSOP1738

    hi, i want to read data from TSOP1738 from microcontroller(PIC16F877A). after reading i want to transmit that data through RF. can anybody help me how to read data from TSOP1738. how to read 1's and 0's coming from TSOP1738. and output of tsop is connected to which pin of microcontroller RX pin...
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    bit manipulation in mcu programming

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    bit manipulation in mcu programming

    hi if we declare a int variable in pic16f877 we know 16 bits are allocated to that variable. for example if i'm assigning 3 variables for date month and year viz DATE MONTH YEAR totally 48 bits will be allocated. In variables MONTH highest value will be 12(0000000000001100). in the...

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