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    error frame in can communication

    i am doing can communication using at89s8252,mcp2515,pca82c250..actually i donot have any can tool to visualize the bits and i have a doubt that there are how many bits in active error frame and passive error frame. please suggest and explain .also please suggest how a node on can bus...
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    [SOLVED] bitrate of nodes in can communication

    hi , i am doing can communication using mcp2515 can controller,at89s8252 mcu and pca82c250 can transceiver... i have a doubt regarding the speed of nodes....if we have two nodes with different speed (bit rate ) on a can bus ..then what will happen will the communication happen smoothly or any...
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    [SOLVED] arbitration issues in can communication

    i am doing can communication using at89s8252 mcu, mcp2515 can controller, pca82c250 can tranciever..i have doubt that if on a can bus if two data frames with same identifier and same data field will arise at the same time ...then will be their any arbitration occured and if yes then who will win...
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    [SOLVED] busoff issuues in can communication

    i am doing can protocol using at89s8252 mcu, ,mcp2515 and pca82c250....i have a doubt regarding bus-off condition in can...actually when a node goes bus off then how it get recoverd...please suggest here..thank you
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    can camunication using MCP2515,pca82c250 AND AT89S8252

    hi , i have a doubt regrading can communication.....during IFS(interframe space) if an illigal bit is detected then what frame will will be generated an OVERLOAD FRAME or an ERROR FRAME (for form error).....because a as per the can document IFS is of fix format so form error must generated ...so...
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    memory managment with db directives using 8051 mcu

    hi, i am bit confused in regarding directives.....if i will write a string using DB directive then will it occupy any memory space in microcontroller....i am using microcontroller of 8051 family ...plz guide me...
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    [SOLVED] can camunication using MCP2515 AND AT89S8252

    hi, i am working with can protocol using mcp2515 and at89s8252 as host controller....i read the documents ...i have a doubt on bus recovery....actualy after a node goes bus off how it recovers...it is written in dacumnets that for recovery 128*11 consecutive recessive bits will send ...i mean...
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    multipoint rs485 communication

    hi i just want to perform a simple rs485 communication between three 8051 mcu.and i have connected the circuit diagram...please guide what will be the rs485 frame that master will send also help me how to set the slave address...thank you
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    how to read signature byte ?

    what is signature byte of a mcu and how to read it....please guide
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    rs485 communication between three at89s52 microcontroller

    hi , i am very new to rs 485 . i want to perform rs 485 communication between three at89s52 micro controllers . i am using rs485 ic for this purpose . plz help me how to perform the communication correctly...i just want to a transmit a single character will reicive by others....help me how to...
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    [SOLVED] [Moved] spi,spcr,spdr, at89s8252

    hi i working on spi protocol using at89s8252 ...i want to know what is th role of spcr and spdr...i mean what is the function of spi controle register and spi data register and what is their effect during and after spi transmission ...i have read the datasheet of at89s8252 and some pdfs os spi...
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    [SOLVED] rs232 serial communcation with 8051

    hi i want to do the serial rs232 communication between pc and at89s52 microcontroller... i set it with 9600 baud rate...i just want to know what is time gap between each bit of a rs232 frame...and is it possible if using that much delay i can recieve the frame by connecting the rx pin of...
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    [SOLVED] rs232 communication with 8051 , sim300 and gps reciver

    hi, i want to interface both gsm modem SIM300 and gps reciever with 8051 and i am using only 1 max232 ic . i have connected 11 and 12 number pin to microcontroller tx and rx pin respectively and i want to know how to connect with gps receiciver . please help me with approprriate circuit...
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    [SOLVED] call waitng facility in sim300 interfacing with 8051

    hi.. i am interfacing sim300 with 8051. how can i activate call waiting facility...i mean when modem recieves a call from one number and if i will call from another number to modem them the 2nd user must be in a waitng...
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    2*16 lcd dispaly in 4 bit mode using at89s51

    hi m trying to display on lcd in 4 bit mode m interfacing with at89s51... m using P2.4,P2.5,P2.6,P2.7..as data line to lcd...but every time m getting output as 0000...what to do here?
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    read data using iic eeprom

    hi i am unable to read the data that i have already written in iic eeprom but in simulator it gives the result...
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    [SOLVED] sim300 interfacing with 8051

    hi evry1 plz help me m sending at +cnmi command to the modem sim300 but not getting a new sms indiaction ...whenever a new msg is coming to the sim modem is not giving any indication...plz help me whats the problem....? SMS / SHORT HAND TYPING IS NOT ALLOWED HERE NEXT TIME YOU WILL GET A...
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    [SOLVED] sim300 interfacing with 8051

    hi every1.. i m using sim300 with at89s51 microcontrollers. m sending command AT to modem n getting the same AT as response but in datasheet oit is mentioned that modem give OK as response...plz helpme out thanx in advance

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