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    Transistor Switching Circuit for GPS Device

    Hello everyone! I want to turn on/off my GPS(SKM53) using transistor based circuit as it consumes too much current 45mAh so i want to save my battery. I need help in solving this problem keeping in mind the following limitations : 1. My battery voltage is 3.4v 2. GPS current requirement is...
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    Automatic AC Bulb Fuse Detection Circuit

    Can you provide me the schematics for this purpose. - - - Updated - - - i think load current detection will be more accurate and simpler solution in my case. here is one circuit i found : https://www.learningelectronics.net/circuits/mains-indicator_04.html check this circuit guys and guide me...
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    Automatic AC Bulb Fuse Detection Circuit

    Thank you for replying. Yes well transformer and hall effect sensor can be used but transformer is bulky device and more over there are 8 bulbs and i want to know to status of each bulb separately n this means if i use transformer or hall effect sensor then i need 8 transformers/sensors for this...
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    Automatic AC Bulb Fuse Detection Circuit

    Hello ! I have an AC bulb operating at 220v 50Hz , i want a circuit that determines automatically either the bulb is fused or not. I need 5v and 0v logic for this purpose as i need this feedback for the micro-controller. I have considered several solutions for this purpose : 1. When the bulb...

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