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    DIY : PCB Milling Machines : Where to Start

    Hello Friends, I am a Robotics Hobbyist. I always wanted to have a PCB Milling Machine, but commercially available ones are pretty expensive. And I don't have a great deal of knowledge to build one myself. If you guys can provide links of where I can start for a DIY Machine. I mean...
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    Required Help for two wheel balancing robot.

    accelerometer balancing robot Thanks, I will get those issues.
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    Required Help for two wheel balancing robot.

    adxl3 Hi, I am working on robotics, with little knowledge on physics. I tend to use mostly thumb rules and trial and error methods to solve problems. Now I have at hand a project to build balancing robot, with servos and PIC controller. I have planned to start the project after I dig to...
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    Required VGA Generator

    Hello to everyone, I need a circuit that generates VGA output test patterns to test Computer monitors. It should be able to generate 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 modes with different scan rates. I got a circuit from net that uses MAX CPLD from Altera, but its pof file is missing...
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    Communication & Electronics Engineering final project ideas

    Re: final project ideas Here are some valuable tips. Don't get too ambitious in selecting a project. Select one which is practical & achievable within deadline. Don't try to get only software or hardware only involved as a combination of both will really make an impact in future interviews...
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    making reliable double sided pcbs at home

    but how to do vias i,e plate through holes at home???
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    making reliable double sided pcbs at home

    making pcb vias at home hi there, i know that pcb making topic is dicussed over and over again, but I want information about instruments that will enable one to make double sided pcbs with professional qualities. pth is must and i want to know how it can be done at home reliable, may be using...
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    stepper motor control

    Well I am in final BE semester too. Just completing my project that was related to Displays. But let me tell you one thing from my experience in robotics that you should use DC servomotors from Hitec and PIC controllers. Two reasons for that are servos require only one PWM signal for precise...
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    I need to design a counter help?

    Well its quiet easy firstly convert a JK FF CD4047 to toggle mode by shorting J K inputs to Vcc, D FF can be in toggle mode by shorting Q Bar output to D input. For a decade counter you will need 4 toggle FF JK or D. LSB FF will be given direct clock. Second most LSB FF will have clock i,e...
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    CPLD Based Moving Message Display

    Hi I think of building a Moving Message Display using Altera CPLD. Anyone may have readymade stuff regarding it, please forward. Thanks in advance, bigaussie
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    Electronic Message Board=

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    How to make a 1 Hz clock circuit?

    Re: Clock circuit buddy 555 is the best option available
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    How to make negative 12 volt supply in a car?

    Re: Help Me Hi there, Simple Solution, From transformer secondary (15-0-15) construct a bridge rectifier between two secondary o/p(not CT). Now since a bridge rectifier is in itself a double CT rectifier, use one cathode junction tie a capacitor and 7812 wrt CT for +12v. With other two...
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    controling devices with parallel port

    Parallel Port has an 8-bit o/p port, 5-bit i/p port, & 4-bit control bidirectional port, with different addresses. You can use them as your requirement and for analog o/p you can connect DAC at o/p. bigaussie
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    A question about LED Display Board

    well minimum refreshing rate of a group of leds (rows/columns) should be atleast 50Hz. on time of column/row depends on no. of columns/rows. for column by column multiplexing, for 60 columns each should have 50hz so total period =20ms on time of a column=20ms/60=333us since each column has...
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    Opinions on displaying COMPUTER on seven segment display

    Re: seven segment Hi there, Firstly you will need alphanumeric displays having 14 segments. to display computer you will need 8 such displays each showing a letter. then for each character display, find out which segements are required to be turned on. hardwire all segments (on) with each...
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    HOw to make an LED display?

    well You can use double sided pcb to construct matrix, of use a single sided on with lot of jumpers.
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    High Power for LED Display Board

    since powersupply from AC 230v,50 Hz direclty given to LEDs won't affect display, so use a high power rectified-filtered supply. In case of multiplexing high current isn't issue mostly.
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    Need circuit for LED moving message display using PC

    led moving circuit www.rentron.com search for electronics for you issues 2004,2005,2006 www.electronicsforu.com

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