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    Multiple noise sources filtering with ferrite beads.

    Hi, I have an ADC board which I'm trying to improve by getting rid of some noise (although it does work fine now). The board from left right is basically an ADC <-> buffer <-> microcontroller <-> FT232R. There are 0.01uF and 10uF caps at each of the chips. Power comes from a 7805 regulator...
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    74HC595 (shidt register) data output is out of phase with clock

    Hi, I'm trying to connect multiple 74hc595 shift register in series so that I can get more than 8 bits output. The problem is that the data output of the first shift register, which is supposed to be the data input to the second sr, is early by half of a clock cycle relative to the input data...
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    FT2232H bit banging and serial interface simultaneusly on 2 channels

    Hi, I have seen that people on this board have used the FT2232H before. This IC has two separate ports which you can bit bang or use a USB to serial converter. I'm wondering if it's possible to use the bit bang interface on one channel and the serial interface on the other at the same time? The...

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