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    [SOLVED] How to protect my MosFETs???

    hi everyone, i'm working on a circuit in which i want to apply pulses to an inductive load. to produce pulses i'm using Power MosFET (IRF840). as the load is inductive i want to protect the mosfet against reverse current or what is so called. but my problem is that i'm applying pulses to the...
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    New version of Step 7-MicroWin for S7-200 PLC

    Hi everyone. I'm working on an automation project and I'm using Siemens S7-200 PLC series (CPU 224). I have Step 7-MicroWin but it's very old so I'm looking for the latest version of the software. One my friend gave me Simatic step 7 V5.4 but it doesn't support S7-200 series. Now, can...
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    codvision avr or AVR studio

    Hi everybody. I'm working on a new project using AVR microcontroller series. As I'm new to AVR I don't know which IDE program is better to use, Codevision avr or AVR studio? Previously I've worked with Keil uVision for programming 80x51 series microcontrollers and MPLAB IDE for programming PIC...
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    Controling Volvo penta diesel gen-set with ECU unit

    Hi everybody. I'm working on diesel gen-set automation systems with their specific controllers like ComAp inteli lite NT AMF25(www.comap.cz) or other controllers. I used to work with classic engines (non ECU) but now i want to learn to control engines with ECU unit specially Volvo Penta...
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    Does Keil uVision support uc's with 512 Bytes ram:?:

    keil uvision l107 hi everybody. I have developed a kit with 89C52 using Keil uVision. now i want to to add another application to this kit controlled with the same uc. so i need more ram (more than 256 bytes). so i decided to use 89C52RC that have 512 Bytes of Ram. this uc is on the library of...
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    problem with TI flag in 89c5x microcontrollers

    hi everybody. I'm writing a program in C language for 89c52. it's collects data from an isa ported device and sends the data with rs232 to the PC. and beside this, the uc recieves commands through rs232 and must respond to this commands immediately. I use serial interrupt to get data from PC. As...
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    PIC EEPROM memory in hi-tech compiler

    hi everybody. i want to save a variable larger than one byte (int or lon int) but it has code just for one byte. can anyone give any idea about this. using a variable in eeprom is not useful for me. thanks for your answers.
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    Help me understand PCI valid address

    hi I work with PCI slot but i have one essentionaly problem. I can not distingiush the mean of memory(Read/Write) valid Address in this discution please help me in this case.
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    pdiusbd12 configuratin

    hi all. i'm developing a usb hid device with pdiusbd12 chip from phillips. after initialing the chip i see a bus reset and then i initial the chip again, after this i expect to recieve a control out endpoint but i recieveseveral bus resets again and then enumeration fails. i'm sure about my...
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    pdiusbd12 & 89c51

    89c51 rst hi eveyone. i looked everywhere on the internet and this forum to find a complete circuite to intreface pdiusbd12 with 89c51 but i just fiund incomplete circuits that was not helpful for me. if anyone knows how could i found the circuit please help me to find or directly send to me...
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    PIC EEPROM in proteus

    proteus eeprom hi everyone. i have a problem with simulating pic in proteus. when i write a program in assembly there is no peroblem with PIC's internal eeprom, but when i write the same program with CCS, PIC's eeprom does not even appear in debug menu and is not working. i use the *.coff...

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