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  1. lucky6969b

    8086 assembler parameter passing question

    Hello, The following code is copied from a book..... 1. FontInfo proc FAR C PUBLIC USES DS SI, buf:FAR PTR, choice:byte 2. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; FAR, C, PUBLIC seem to be macros. How do I pass parameters to the subroutine using the name 'buf'? I don't want to use global variables. What...
  2. lucky6969b

    [Q] MSDOS debugger (16-bit) support call stacks

    Hello, I'd like to know some names of good O 16bit debuggers that run on plain-vanilla DOS that support call-stack. ve tried ollydbg, turbo debugger and insight. I need to run a program inside dosbox. Thanks a lot Jack
  3. lucky6969b

    C++ Encapsulation Question

    class myThread { public: myThread() { } virtual ~myThread() { } void run() { AfxBeginThread(HelloWindows95,NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL); } }; inline UINT HelloWindows95(LPVOID pParam) { PlaySound(_T("HELLOWIN.WAV"), NULL, SND_FILENAME); return 0; } Just out of curiosity, is it...

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