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    What to look at when buying an FPGA board?

    basys board india As such all the boards are good since they are made from reputed companies. I have a MAX II CPLD board at $50 I got to India from Taiwan. www.slscorp.com Indian based company who manufactures boards & also sells for other brands. Regarding parameters while selecting...
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    Need resources on FPGA basics and architecture

    Re: Need fpga basics www.fpga4fun.com very helpful Digital Design with CPLD Applications & VHDL,2E by Robert Dueck search amazon to find it bigaussie
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    led full color display

    Good lord man have you even done any research into FPGAs and CPLDs? Both devices are similar in some respects and different in others. One needs a piece of memory for the code and the other does not... but not always depending on the supplier. hey nxtech was this comment for me??? if yes...
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    led full color display

    Well here is what you can do. There is a book called Digital Design with CPLD Applications & VHDL, 2nd Edition written by Robert Dueck, published by Thomson Delmar Learning. This proved to be very helpful to me. Regarding your project, CPLD with do the job, i think. FPGAs & CPLDs are similar...
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    led full color display

    led scrolling display with cpld I would like to know if you are a beginner or what? I have been working on with LED Displays(Scrolling) & CPLDs from Altera. You can visit altera website for more information. www.altera.com www.fpga4fun.com...
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    What is MiniMax/MAXPoint from Altera?

    Hello to everyone, Recently I visited altera website and in MAX II device literature page, found information about MiniMax and MaxPoint. I think it is a tool for developing presentations like that of MAX II. I can't find it anywhere since its no more continued. Does any one know any thing...
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    Glitches in LPM_COUNTER of Quartus II

    lpm_counter Hi to all, I am just a rookie in PLD world. In my project, there are a lot of counters of different types. I decided to use LPM_Counter which is recommended by Altera. In functional simulation, design works perfectly ok. but in timing simulation i,e after fitting, there are a lot...
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    Books about CPLD and FPGA design

    Re: CPLD and FPGA Design for altera cpld digital design with cpld applications by robert dueck 2nd edition best book available
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    Capacity of MAX 7000S CPLD

    Hi to all. I need some help from experience persons. I am planning to build a Multicolor Moving Message Display using CPLD MAX 7000S from Altera. I had buid the same one using 38 TTL Logic ICs. Reason for choosing MAX 7000S is, its simplicity & 5 V I/O & core requirements. I am...
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    Required Urgently Books

    Thanks but link isn't working & also pdf of 1st edition of Robert Dueck has diagrams that are not readable. Do you have another link Regards, bigaussie
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    Required Urgently Books

    Hello to everybody, I required following books urgently, please help me. Title : Digital Design with CPLD Applications and VHDL, 2E Author : Robert Dueck Publisher: Thomson Delmar Learning; 2 edition (June 8, 2004) Language: English ISBN-10: 1401840302 ISBN-13: 978-1401840303 Title : Signal...
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    Req. Book : Field-Programmable Gate Arrays by Stephen Brown

    Hi to everybody I am in desperate need of below mentioned book : Title : Field-Programmable Gate Arrays Authors : Stephen Brown, Robert J. Francis, Jonathan Rose Hardcover: 228 pages Publisher: Springer (Kluwer Academic Publishers) Language: English ISBN: 0792392485 Thanks in advance, bigaussie

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