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    What a heavy ground and star ground systems are?

    Re: Heavy Ground PCB Refering to the SLA7062 datasheet: https://www.techkits.com/#sla7062 The two sense resistors go from pins 5 & 17 to GND at pin 11. The pc board traces for these two paths will carry a lot of current (up to 3 Amps). These traces to GND should be separate from all other...
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    microstepping using SLA 7062

    sla 7062 According to the datasheet you may be having a problem with your Vref. What is your reference voltage on pin 7? Also, I use two 0.3 ohm, 3W, 1% sense resistors. These have a lower heat dissipation than 1 ohm and result in a Vref of 1.0 volt for 3 Amps of motor current. LNS...
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    Source for Allegro SLA7062M Stepper Driver?

    microstep driver sample with sla7062 Great news! I have been able to pass along a price reduction on the SLA7062M unipolar microstepping driver. Now only $10 each & no minimum order. www.techkits.com
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    drive a stepper motor by SLA7062

    sla7062 motor driver Jo_Jo I had some similar questions about the Allegro SLA7062, but I've come up with a circuit & PC board for the SLA7062 that seems to work fine. I'm using p-channel mosfet BS250. See the attached schematic or more details at: www.techkits.com -ED
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    Shameless plug of a circuit board for the SLA7062M.

    I have designed a circuit board for the SLA7062M Unipolar 3-Amp microstepping driver IC from Allegro/Sanken. With CNC applications in mind, it features optically isolated inputs and an idle current reduction circuit. As long as the board is receiving STEP pulses, it delivers full current to the...
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    Source for Allegro SLA7062M Stepper Driver?

    sla7062 I went ahead & purchased qty 108 of the Allegro/Sanken SLA7062 / SLA7062M from Newark and am offering them for sale in single quantities to help promote the hobby. The details are at: www.techkits.com Happy stepping! -edison

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