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    About PIC18F25K22 CCP function.

    Hi guys, From the datasheet of the PIC18F25K22, we know that this mcu have the CCP function which we can capture and record the interval time between two signal from the same input. I want to use the CCPR4 to record the time. May I know what is the maximum time interval I can get using this CCP...
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    Multiple voltage to microcontroller design.

    Hi guys, I want to build a circuit of production counter display where when there is an output from a machine, it Wil produce a count signal n my display Wil start increment one. The machines are using PLC and different machine will produce different voltage of count signal. Some are 5vdc...
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    Question on logical equation on my C programming.

    Hi guys, I have a situation on my C programming here and just wondering whether my solution is the correct way: I have a LED display with particle count sensor and will show 6 digit of seven segment numbers as the count value. The sensor will give voltage input value. The input is from 0V to...
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    How come the value in my RAM of DS1307 RTC become zero?

    Hi guys... I'm using the 56 bytes of RAM in the DS1307 to store some data. My DS1307 is connected to the PIC18F46K22. But after running a few days, all the data inside the RAM will suddenly become zeros. The time in the RTC is still accurate but it's just that all the data in the RAM has become...
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    Two functions in the high priority interrupt.

    Hi guys, I'm using the PIC18F46k22 mcu and I'm using two function in my high priority interrupt routine: #pragma code #pragma code My_HiPrio_Int=0x0008 #pragma code #pragma interrupt chk_isr #pragma code void My_HiPrio_Int(void) { _asm GOTO chk_isr _endasm } void chk_isr(void) /*Serial...
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    Can I connect a POE switch to a non-POE switch?

    Hi guys... I know this is a very dumb question but can I connect a POE switch to a non POE switch? My building has 3 floors and I have a few POE devices in each floor. So, I plan to put a POE switch in each floor, that means I have 3 POE switch. All the devices will have to connect to my main...
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    About the HIDRxHandleBusy function in USB communication

    Hi guys, I'm using PIC18F25K50 for my project here. And I'm using the HIDRxHandleBusy to receive data from a host. When there data is received: HIDRxHandleBusy(USBOutHandle)=0; When data is cleared: HIDRxHandleBusy(USBOutHandle)=1; Is this a correct assumption? Just want to know in what...
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    Trying to find out why my USB always hang after running awhile.

    hi guys, Currently using PIC18F25K50 and will use its USB-HID communication to communicate with PC. But it the USB will always hang after a while. I know this because when my PC send data to it, it does not respond. Below is the part of my main loop coding: while(1){ if((USBGetDeviceState()...
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    Something to ask about WDTEN bit

    Hi guys... currently studying about WDTEN bit on my PIC18F25K50. From the data sheet, it is written: WDTEN<1:0>:Watchdog Timer Enable bits 11= WDT enabled in hardware; SWDTEN bit disabled 10= WDT controlled by the SWDTEN bit But I saw from sample coding, they write: WDTEN=ON or WDTEN=SWON What...
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    Receiving protocols with no end byte

    Hi guys, Normally when we receive a protocol, it will contain a byte (normally: 0x03 or 0x04) to indicate the end of transmission. But if the protocol have no end byte, how do we know the transmission end?
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    Extending the life of my relay?

    Hi guys... I have a relay application like the circuit below. My relay spoils after around 100 times of ON/OFF only. My question is, is my design create lot's of voltage spike when turning ON/Off the relay? Is it the spike that caused my relay spoils? I have put the diode to suppress the...
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    Why my usb connection always disconnected?

    Currently doing a project using PIC18F25K50 which I connect its USB interface with Device A. I'm also using this mcu to control a 240VAC relay and this relay will on or off device B. My problem is, everytime I turn on the relay, the USB connection will disconnected. Is it something to do with...
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    Question about ASCII conversion.

    Hi there. Is there a way in C coding to convert like the way like this? For example I got '1' equals to 0x31, and '2' equals to 0x32. I want to convert 0x31, 0x32 to 0x12.
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    About writing data to flash in PIC18F25K50

    Anyone would like to share with me the coding in C programming about how to write and read flash memory in PIC18F25K50? The datasheet did have some info about it but it is in assemble language which I'm not familiar. Really appreciate you guys help.
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    About Flash memory start address in PIC

    Hi there, I have a firmware here using PIC18F67J50. I found out that when storing data to flash, it uses 0x7000 as the start address. Now I want to use PIC18F25K50, can I start storing data too from 0x7000? I can't find anything in datasheet regarding the starting address..
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    How to make two RS485 signal crash together?

    I have a master device which will communicate with 2 slave device using RS485. These 3 devices is connected together. These 2 slave device each have different ID, let say it's ID 1 and ID 2. If master device transmit data to slave ID1, only slave ID 1 will reply. If master device transmit data...
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    About USBDeviceTasks() in the USB-HID of PIC18F25k50

    Hi guys, Currently my application of the pic is to become a converter of serial to usb. In other words, whatever I received on my serial side, I will transmit it out using USB port. I'm using baudrate of 9600. I know that we have to call USBDeviceTasks() every 1ms right? I put USBDeviceTasks()...
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    Using PIC's USB-CDC mode in android.

    Hi guys, Just want to know, when using USB-CDC, we need to install the USB driver in pc right? Then how bout in android device? Can the USB-CDC driver be install in android device? Currently trying to interface my PIC with an android device through the USB port. At the beginning I'm using the...
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    Trying to do RS485 to USB process faster in PIC18F25K50

    hi guys, I'm trying to create a converter which convert RS485 signal to USB signal using PIC18F25K50. In other words, whatever I received on the RS485 side, I will straightaway transmit it out through the USB port. I will describe my application. I have a device A and a device B which both using...
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    Receiving serial without interupt PIC18F25k50

    Hi guys, I want to do a serial receiving without using the ISR in my PIC18F25k50. I will use my main() loop to do the receiving. Anyone know how? I had searched the net but all are with interrupt.

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