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    Pass-through UK socket enclosures

    Does anyone know where I can get an exposure like this but for British mains sockets? Thanks.
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    Removing offset from ACS710 current sensor output

    Hi. I am using an ACS710 hall effect sensor to measure current in a device for fully automated testing. The problem is that the ACS710 produces a 0-5V signal with 0A biased to 2.5V. My microcontroller can only measure 0-2V and I am only interested in positive currents, so what I need to do is...
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    Reflections on 1MHz serial bus

    Hi. I am having a problem with a 1MHz bus running over a 1.5m line connected to an AVR. As you can see in the image below there is some nasty bounce at the edges of my signals: That is with a terminating the line with a 36 ohm resistor. I picked 36 ohms because I have a device that connects...
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    Looking for Apollo sensor/device network for fire alarms info

    Hi. I am looking for documentation on the supposedly "open" Apollo network protocol. It uses RS485 to read various sensors and operate devices in buildings, usually controlled by a fire control system panel. Several companies produce Apollo compatible hardware. I can't find any info on it at...

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