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    [51] SD Memory interface

    Dear friends, from last 15 days i am trying to initialize an SD memory with AT89S8252(11.0592mhz) using SPI communication but there is no result.My logics are given below 1- spcr=52h 2- CS lines to logic value 1 3- Toggle SD CLK for at least 80 cycles. 4-CS low 5- send CMD0 with complete...
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    Boot-loader for P89V51RD2BN

    Any one can help me for Boot-loaded hex file for P89V51RD2BN.
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    [SOLVED] Time delay for communication between mcu and gsm module

    i wants to know the exact time delay for receive the ok from gsm module after sending the at command.so,pls help
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    Communication between microcontrollers using Rs485

    I need help to creat a code(.asm) for communication between multiple microcontrollers using RS485.So,pls help me with some sampule code (Using At89s51/52)

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