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    DDR3 impedance matching

    Hello, As we are following 50Ohm impedance in single ended signals and 100Ohm impedance differential signals in routing. My question is in routing differential like Clock+ and Clock- we follow 100Ohm differential impedance. Is it necessary to follow 50Ohm for individual signals? Means we need...
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    [Moved]: HDMI surge protection

    Hello Guys, I am having issue in HDMI interface failure due to surge. Currently I am using ESD protection IC TPD12S016 from TI. but this is for only ESD protection and can not provide Surge protection. I also searched surge protection chip for HDMI but I can't find proper protector of HDMI. As...
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    PCB antenna for WIFI

    Hello Guys, I have read some docs to create wifi antenna on PBC itself. www.cypress.com/file/136236/download www.ti.com/lit/an/swra117d/swra117d.pdf How can I increase gain level in PCB antenna??? Regards, Dharit
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    SDIO 3.0 and SDIO 2.0

    Hello All, I am using AM3352 processor from TI make. It is having SDIO 2.0. My question is can I connect SDIO 3.0 device with my processor? SDIO 3.0 can communicate with SDIO 2.0? I found basic difference is speed for SDIO 2.0 and SDIO 3.0. I dont know whether SDIO 3.0 is backward...
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    Decoupling and bulk capacitor

    Hello Guys, All says that Decoupling and bulk capacitors must be placed near to IC pin or beside of IC pin. But it is not possible to put it all the time. Placement and value of cap is dependent on current consumption of IC obviously. But how far is good enough for capacitor placement???
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    CRYSTAL internal resistance

    Hello All, I am designing a system in which I am using PHY IC with required Crystal with ESR value of 30 ohm (max). The crystal which I have is with ESR of 80ohm, Is there any method to meet the requirement of 30ohm? How to make Crystal ESR 30 ohm from 80 ohm??? PHY IC:RTL8211EG
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    Capacitor life calculation

    Hello Guys, I was checking for capacitor life... How long it can run... I found calculator for measuring life. In general we are mostly using electrolyte and ceramic caps usually in routine Basic Electronic circuits. https://www.illinoiscapacitor.com/tech-center/life-calculators.aspx I...
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    RFID antenna, range, frequency and Q factor

    Hello Guys, How to calculate resonant frequency for RFID? How inductor and capacitor values are set? How Q factor affects antenna performance and RFID detection for card? For good performance of 125KHz LF and 13.56Mhz RF what should be the Q factor value? Please provide suggestion or document...
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    Contact resistance measurement

    Hello Guys, How to measure contact resistance practically??? Is there any impact on contact resistance if current increases??? What should be the acceptable value for contact resistance if we are looking for connectors??? Thanks...
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    High speed vs High clock signal

    Hello Everyone, Is there any difference between High clock signal and high speed signal??? On what basis signal is said to be high speed??? On frequency??? or as per rise time or fall time??? Data transfer???
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    [SOLVED] Radiation issue on one frequency

    Hello Guys, In my board I am facing issue of radiation emission of particular 74.25MHz frequency harmonics of 7th number and getting maximum radiation on 520Mhz. Trace length is about 2168 mils and having ground plane on second layer. I have tried by putting RC filter as well putting bead also...
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    Firmware programming in controller

    Hello Guys, This question I had from few past days. While we program any controller we write codes and burns it in controller. How exactly that code transfers into hardware inside the controller??? If I write 1 in any GPIO pin at that time we can get some positive voltage level on controller...
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    SGMII/SerDes interface

    My query is where should be placement of ac coupling capacitor in sgmii interface on PCB??? What should be the value of ac coupling capacitor???
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    [moved] [TXD and RXD state (0 or 1) in RS485 and RS232 in initial condition

    My query is what should be TxD and RxD signals initial state in communication. Means is there any defined standard which state that in initial state RxD should be pulled high or TxD should have low level??? Query is for both RS232 and RS485 stds.
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    [SOLVED] Increase LF antenna range

    My confusion is I have made LF antenna for 125KHz with inductance 850-900uH and 20Ohms. Antenna terminals are directly connected Module which provides frequency. My confusion is can I increase range of LF antenna by with decreasing Resistance??? Without making change in Inductance???
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    capacitor selection for antenna tuning

    Hello Guys, In antenna tuning for EM Prox (LF) can we use X7R capacitors??? They recommend NP0 capacitor only for antenna tuning... If I use X7R what will happen???
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    Control harmonics for antenna

    Hello Everyone... I have made antenna and tuning network which can detect MiFare and HiD iClass cards. i.e. 13.56Mhz... So for that i need to control unwanted harmonics of 13.56Mhz... I have designed antenna tuning circuit as per MiFare suggest. Card detection range in around 4 cm. So how can I...
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    EMI EMC Problem in DDR2 RAM

    My board is having problem in EMI testing in R.E. Problem is found in 133MHz Harmonics of DDR2 RAM clock frequency. I am getting strong radiating frequency at 533MHz and 666MHz which is 4th and 5th harmonic of DDR2 clock frequency. As known DDR2 has differential clock. Although I have tried to...

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