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    Sonar signal generation

    Thanks for the reply. I need underwater applications. I need to pick a research topic for my Ph.d work. This domain is new to me.
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    Sonar signal generation

    Can anyone suggest me on whether sonar signal generation is a good area of research or not?
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    How to add the outputs of a different voltage double ciruits

    Thank you sir, it worked out. can you please explain further on removing upper GND (symbol)...
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    How to add the outputs of a different voltage double ciruits

    hello everyone, can you please help me to add the outputs of two voltage doubler circuits shown in the following figure.
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    Reg: PCB fabrication terminologies

    Thank you for the reply. Sir, so first the manufactures takes a PCB board with copper thickness of 17.5 microns , then they will add another copper layer on top of original 17.5 microns such that the finished copper trace is 35 microns. Is my interpretation correct sir?
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    Reg: PCB fabrication terminologies

    hello there, can anyone please help me in understanding start cu(copper) thickness and finish cu(copper) thickness in the below invoice. I need to fabricate a PCB with copper thickness of 35 microns. If we consider the start cu(copper) thickness is 17.5mm and finish cu(copper) thickness is 35...
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    Regarding Defective ground structures (DGS)

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    Error while feeding patch antenna in hfss

    please provide the hfss file ......
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    How to design multiband microstrip antennas

    1) The circumference of the slot is lamda/2 at the operating band if it lies inside the structure. if you create an open slot then the length of the slot should be lamda/4. 2) are you exciting the antenna with inset or coaxial feed? 3) suppose if you want to design antenna operating at 1,2,3...
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    [moved] How to define integration line for this antenna?

    i think your using lumped port excitation, in that case, the interation line is taken from the top conductor to the bottom conductor ( in this case your feed line)
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    How to Excite an SMA port in HFSS?

    for lumped port exciation draw a circle at the end of the SMA connector covering the outer conductor.....then apply the lumped port excitation to that circle.
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    desgining a 28GHz patch antenna

    HI, sorry for the late reply, I am trying to simulate the antenna given in the following link...when i used the quarter wavelength radiation box ..i could not get the desired retun loss .....i am also attaching you the HFSS file for reference... - - - Updated - - -...
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    desgining a 28GHz patch antenna

    Hi, I would like to design a 28 GHz patch antenna in HFSS.....i have a doubt regarding radiation box...should i keep the general lambd/4 size radiation box? or else?.....
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    where the author got a mathematic formula FDTD ?

    i think try to use these relations may help you .....J (current density)= σE.....J=I/A.......I=line integral of (H.dl)......E/H=Z0.................
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    [SOLVED] How to bend a 3D object in HFSS

    Can anyone tell me how to bend 3D objects such as rectangular box in HFSS
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    [SOLVED] Reg : material definition in HFSS

    Hi spiid ...I know that procedure. when i defined like that I couldn't reproduce the base paper results. could you help me?
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    [SOLVED] Reg : material definition in HFSS

    Hi, I am designing a textile antenna, for this purpose i need to define a Shieldit Fabric conducinng material with surface resistivity of 0.01 ohm meter and conductivity of 100 S/m. help me in defining this material in HFSS.
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    Coplanar Waveguide Design and Modeling in HFSS

    may this file helps you....let me know

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