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    Signal Integrity question...

    Hi to all, this is the first time for me,to consider SI issues. What's the correct flow to take in this case ? I think : 1) Define stackUP with the supplier 2) Define PCB Impedence (but I don't know the right value 50?...70? how I decide it ?) 3) calculate the right width trace for each layer...
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    Soldering footprint SSOP

    ssop footprint Hi to all, somebody have used on pcb production, footprint SSOP20 on bottom side, with wave soldering ? Or pitch 0.65 is too close to soldering ? mkbs
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    The latest version of 3D IDF Files

    Hi to all, somebody know the last version of IDF file ? I mean... I know that there's a version 3 that "give" to the solid cad only 1 hight information for component,but I heard that there is a version 4.0 that give more hight information,isn't it ? Somebody know about that ??? mkbs
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    Wave Soldering 0.65mm pitch component

    Hi to all, somebody had soldered on wave process a ssop pitch 0.65mm component, on bottom side ?? I have on production a 0.8mm component wave soldered and the quality of soldering is good (with a little end pads adjustment). mkbs
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    Question about power plane in 4-layered PCB

    Hi to all, I'm going to design a new pcb with 4Layer (Top-Pwr-Gnd-Bottom),but now in this project I have a zone with 220V (Transformer - connectors - ptc .....) and I don't know if: • I have to delete all plane in this zone (completely remove internal copper) • or just respect the constraint...
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    Someone use Ultiboard 7 ?

    ultiboard 7 Hi to all, someone use Ultiboard 7 ? I have seen on web site that it have many new features, is realy improved (no crash,not slow place...) ? MKBS 8)
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    Propagation Times in Asymmetric MicroStrip envirnoment

    Propagation Times Hi to all, I have a question about Propagation Times: I have seen on many articles that the Prop.Time in StripLine is PT=SQ”Er”/11.8 ns/in and in MicroStrip environment is: PT=Fraction*(PT in StripLine) But, if I have an Asymmetric MicroStrip environment what I have to do ...
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    How to delete the copper plane (Top or Bottom) on Protel 9?

    Help on copper plane Hi to all, I need help !!! how I can delete the Copper plane (Top or Bottom) on Pr@tel99SE. I have seen that I can't delete planes all together.I have tried with Select --> Connected copper but I can' t deleted the selected copper. Tanks in advantage MKBS :(
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    Question about timing in Protel DXP

    P@otel DXP Timing Hi to all, is possible on P@otel DXP to set Delay time (or Length), differential pairs and daisy chain (or custom) nets order ? Many Tanks mkbs :D
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    What is the GND Copper Plane for in MultiLayer Board?

    GND Plane I have seen some MultiLayer Board ( 6-8Layer with 1or2 GND plane ), with on top and bottom a GND Plane Copper. Is It necessary for what?... shieding board or other ? And if necessary where I have to join this Copper Plane? All GND Plane (External & Internal) together with via ...
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    Questions about using P-CAD2002 sp1

    About P-CAD2002... Hi to all, I'm trying P-CAD2002 SP1.I have some questions: - When I re-route a trace the 'loop' (the old trace) didn't delete. Is there a flag or setup to do this command ? - Can P-CAD import nVisage schematic and back annotate to it? Many tanks mkbs :D
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    Precaution for trace from Connector to Filter (input uP pin)

    About analog noise Hi to all, about wiring to analog input uP pin,I put the filter (R-C) close to uP pin ( like described on Datasheet ), but what kind of precaution I have to do with trace from Connector to Filter ? uP <--FilterRC-------<-------<------ Trace > 100 mm...
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    Signal Integrity Suggestions

    Hi to all, Could you tell me where I can found a good book or PDF to learn about signal integrity,crosstalk... ? I have only a school book with some suggestions and many formulas ( very strange and complicate ). I need pratical suggestions without formulas (if possible !) about delay...
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    CadINT PCB - any opinions?

    cadint pcb What do you think about CadINT PCB ? Someone Use it ? :) mkbs
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    general EMC rules to route micro wires

    General EMC rules Hi, I'd like to know some general EMC rules to route micro wires , ( like reset circuit and so on...), to route a pcb with the smallest number of errors. Thanks.:wink: mkbs 8) 8)
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    Easy-PC & Drill symbols/table - demo and full version?

    Easy-PC & Drill Hi to all, I have seen,for my little pcb (max 800 pins), Easy-PC from Number One System. From the Demo version I haven't seen if it create a drill symbols/table to gerber file. Does someone use it? mbks. :?: :) :?:

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