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    [Moved] Code for Gender Recognition using Auto-Correlation in Matlab

    Re: Code for Gender Recognition using Auto-Correlation in Matlab Yes trav1s. Humming gives a single tone. In other words humming is nothing but creating a sound with a single frequency while speaking produces sound over a spectrum of frequencies. So humming would give better results
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    [Moved] Code for Gender Recognition using Auto-Correlation in Matlab

    Re: Code for Gender Recognition using Auto-Correlation in Matlab The large transient at the beginning doesn't matter much. Autocorrelation was used to find out the fundamental frequency of the speech signal. The fundamental frequency of a male and female voice differs. The fundamental frequency...
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    [Moved] Code for Gender Recognition using Auto-Correlation in Matlab

    This is another code that I have written for gender recognition in Matlab. I have attached the files.
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    Comparing two signals using correlation in matlab

    How to compare two signals using correlation in matlab. i know the function is xcorr. But xcorr returns an array of coefficients. What I want to learn is the next step in comparing them. I have no idea of how to compare them.
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    What is the best Antivirus software on the market?

    Re: Best Antivirus uninstallation of kaspersky takes a lot of effort. so go for norton
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    Where to get Helpful please click button from?

    Do you mean that it appears automatically and I need not change any preferences for that?
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    Why are the saturation regions of BJT and MOSFET differently defined?

    The characteristic curves of both BJT and MOSFET are similar. But a BJT is said to be in saturation when VCE ≤ 0.3V. A MOSFET is said to be in saturation when VDS > VGS - VT. Why are they differently defined when currents are getting saturated(meaning literally) in both the cases?
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    Where to get Helpful please click button from?

    Where did people get the helpful, please click button from?
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    C statement without semicolon

    This is a program that prints Hello World without a semicolon #include <stdio.h> int main(int argc, char *argv[static printf("Hello World\n"), 0]) { }
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    C statement without semicolon

    I actually meant the goto used for looping goto label; ... ... label:
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    linux boot problem blank screen

    @bluehole! that's a good idea. Ubuntu and few other canonical distributions and Fedora are also more user friendly distributions of linux.
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    Finding fundamental frequency of speech in MATLAB

    I have attached the code for GUI in MATLAB for finding fundamental frequency of speech. It records a 1.2 second speech signal using wavread and then does 8000 point fft. In the callback for Estimate Gender pushbutton, I have written some code, but that gives errors for few cases. Could you...
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    linux boot problem blank screen

    are you able to get into the grub?
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    installing matlab in ubuntu 8.10!!!!! help

    I think it is better to install open source QtOctave than MATLAB. (I don't know whether it's legal to say this.) But, I found many of my friends complaining that MATLAB's UNIX version gives Java errors and slows the system pretty much.
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    Kubuntu Linux -Desktop distro

    Hey could you please tell me the equivalent of Ubuntu's software center in Kubuntu? I really find it difficult to always go through the konsole.
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    [SOLVED] Find the fundamental frequency of speech signal : matlab

    Thank you very much for that reply. that really worked. I got harmonics of the fundamental frequency from which I could get the fundamental frequency. Could you please help me with identifying the speaker's gender from the spectrum of him speaking a vowel sound? i read somewhere that the...
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    C statement without semicolon

    even goto and label do not need a semicolon
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    Finding codec for GOM Player using proxy server

    My internet connection is through a proxy server. GOM Player prompts for finding a codec but always fails to do so. Is there any provision in GOM Player where can I can change the settings for GOM Player to connect to the internet through a proxy server?
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    windows xp and windows7

    have you tried this? right click the .exe file and go to properties. there under the compatibiltity tab, there is something called run in compatibility mode for. check the box and select the version you want. appply the settings and then run the file.
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    Mandriva Linux - Desktop/Enterprise

    How to install Mandriva as a dual boot with the other os being windows? Is there any way to install Mandriva installing inside windows like Ubuntu using a wubi installer?

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