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    [Moved] Code for Gender Recognition using Auto-Correlation in Matlab

    This is another code that I have written for gender recognition in Matlab. I have attached the files.
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    Comparing two signals using correlation in matlab

    How to compare two signals using correlation in matlab. i know the function is xcorr. But xcorr returns an array of coefficients. What I want to learn is the next step in comparing them. I have no idea of how to compare them.
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    Why are the saturation regions of BJT and MOSFET differently defined?

    The characteristic curves of both BJT and MOSFET are similar. But a BJT is said to be in saturation when VCE ≤ 0.3V. A MOSFET is said to be in saturation when VDS > VGS - VT. Why are they differently defined when currents are getting saturated(meaning literally) in both the cases?
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    Where to get Helpful please click button from?

    Where did people get the helpful, please click button from?
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    Finding fundamental frequency of speech in MATLAB

    I have attached the code for GUI in MATLAB for finding fundamental frequency of speech. It records a 1.2 second speech signal using wavread and then does 8000 point fft. In the callback for Estimate Gender pushbutton, I have written some code, but that gives errors for few cases. Could you...
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    Finding codec for GOM Player using proxy server

    My internet connection is through a proxy server. GOM Player prompts for finding a codec but always fails to do so. Is there any provision in GOM Player where can I can change the settings for GOM Player to connect to the internet through a proxy server?
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    [SOLVED] Find the fundamental frequency of speech signal : matlab

    I am new to speech processing. Actually what I did was reecorded a signal in matlab and then performed fft to get its spectrum. Could anyone please tell me how to find the fundamental frequency of the spectrum. fs = 8000. signal is 3 seconds in length. done a 1024 point fft. i would be thankful...

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