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  1. anilkrpandey

    What the effect of size the patch and ground plan on antenna's performance

    Ground plane size affects the antenna performance like gain, radiation pattern and efficiency. As a rule, the ground plane should extend beyond the edges of the patch by at least 2-3 times the board thickness for proper operation. A ground plane that is too small will result in a reduced front...
  2. anilkrpandey

    Method of Moment- S11, Gain and Directivity of dipole antenna

    You can write a matlab code for the same. Some reference: https://ece.wpi.edu/mom/chapter5.pdf https://www.mathworks.com/help/antenna/ug/method-of-moments.html
  3. anilkrpandey

    "Waveguide ports must be aligned with Cartesian coordinate planes" error

    Re: "Waveguide ports must be aligned with Cartesian coordinate planes" error Which simulation software your are using for this design? You can try simulation with lumped port also.
  4. anilkrpandey

    Regarding 5G antenna types & design guideline if any!

    In 5G instead of radiating energy in all the direction, a group of antennas that’s called Antenna Array, will focus data signal only to communicating device, so signal strength will be very high. This direction of data signal we called it Beam, is controlled by managing amplitude and phase of...
  5. anilkrpandey

    Directivity of antenna less than 1

    There must be some issue in design setup ( like absorbing boundary conditions) otherwise directivity is always greater than or equal to 1 (0 dB), antenna gain can be less than 1 (0 dB).
  6. anilkrpandey

    High gain wideband antenna

    You have to design a broadband antenna to cover entire 0.1 to 6 GHz. Typical broadband antennas include the log-periodic antenna, traveling-wave antenna, helical antenna, biconical antenna, frequency-independent antenna, spiral antenna, and complementary antenna. However, most of these existing...
  7. anilkrpandey

    How To bend a patch antenna in HFSS

    Use 'wrap' feature to bend patch antenna on a curved surface.
  8. anilkrpandey

    FEM simulation

    Without actual ADS project file and FEM simulation log, it's difficult to suggest solution.
  9. anilkrpandey

    Tracking in satellite communications

    Special Antenna feed system is design for satellite autotracking. The antenna of the satellite must be pointed accurately toward the earth station antenna with which the satellite is in communication using a high-gain reflector antenna system. In order to achieve this accurate pointing...
  10. anilkrpandey

    UHF RFID band and its antenna

    Antenna can be made multi-band resonator using various techniques like Frequency reconfigurable Antennas.
  11. anilkrpandey

    N-well antenna effect

    N-well antenna is used to remove antenna error in SoC design. Antenna rules are used in SoC design to check for excessive accumulation of charge on metal during fabrication. Antenna error happens when the ratio of area of X, where x can be a metal rout, a local interconnect rout( type of low...
  12. anilkrpandey

    MMWAVE Layout and EM Simulation

    You can use advanced "ADS - Virtuoso Interoperability Feature" (Supported ADS 2016 onwards) https://www.keysight.com/upload/cmc_upload/All/RFIC_Interoperability_ADS2016.pdf
  13. anilkrpandey

    Patch antenna array.

    It all depends on your antenna feed network design.
  14. anilkrpandey

    Problem in placing the waveguide for a CAD model SMA connector in CST

    Select the face of the outer conductor ( or inner conductor) of it and I placed the WG port using this pick. The signal in a coaxial line is defined by the E field in between the two conductors, that means that the voltage inside the inner conductor is 0 (pec) and the voltage inside the outer...
  15. anilkrpandey

    Help: EM Simulator package required for designing magnetic coupling

    Also, you can use Keysight's EMPro FEM or FDTD simulator https://www.keysight.com/en/pc-1297143/empro-3d-em-simulation-software?cc=US&lc=eng
  16. anilkrpandey

    Error generating netlist when importing momentum component into schematic

    Also, double check which view of EM component are you using in schematic simulation, ideally it should be emModel
  17. anilkrpandey

    drawing coaxial feed for antenna

    Antenna simulation with defined port gives almost same result as port defined at the coaxial input. But defenelty port defined at coaxial input will be more close to real world design.
  18. anilkrpandey

    Exchange format for Keysight Momentum on ADS

    DXF or if you have ODB++ file that can be also used.
  19. anilkrpandey

    ADS to CST layout import

    You can also try ADS DXF file format.

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