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  1. K

    How to download and use ubuntu with out installing on computer HDD

    I wish to down load and use ubuntu please let me know the best site and how to do it.:-D:-D
  2. K

    Which Linux version is the best for beginner to learn?

    Will you send me command line to help learn Linux. Thanks cr.sukumaran@gmail.com
  3. K

    Sony TV LCD KLV32S400A ghost picture

    Thanks dear , let check the voltage if it is not good what to do, is the capacitor on power supply is not good?
  4. K

    Study of Basic electronic and Elctricity

    :smile: Thanks Koppan
  5. K

    Study of Basic electronic and Elctricity

    Please post a good study material on basic electronics and electricity.:roll::idea::idea:
  6. K

    Computer network cable system

    Why there are 8 wires in a Computer network cable, 4 are used and 4 are left, this is costing more and waste to general!
  7. K

    AC three phase electricity 440V

    A single phase has 220V AC, then why a three phase has 440V instead of 660V?:roll:
  8. K

    Advantages of three phase systems over single phase

    Three phase has higher voltage and can drive high volume of mass if it used for a pulling or rotating job. more power more work can be completed.
  9. K

    Sony TV LCD KLV32S400A ghost picture

    My Sony LCD 32 model KLV32S400A is showing picture with ghost image, when start it will show good picture for half second then will turn to ghost picture.Please let me know the problem behind it.Thanks Koppan,cr.sukumaran@gmail.com

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