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  1. chandu.kurapati

    Question Related to the typecasting from bool to char

    Hello, What happens when we typecast the bool variable to char and vice versa char variable to bool?? Anyone please explain with example. Thanks & Regards, CHandu.K
  2. chandu.kurapati

    How to interface EMV chip card (smart card) with micro controller?

    How to interface EMV chip card(smart card) with micro controller? Hello, I am new to smart card technology and don't how to access the smart card information, i have gone through the basics and got the initial idea it's a ISO/IEC 7816 format. I am going to use ATXMEGA32A4U micro controller...
  3. chandu.kurapati

    Looking for at45db641e 64 bit serial flash sample codes

    Looking for at45db641e 64 mbit serial flash sample code Hello, AT45DB641E is a 64 mbit serial flash and it supports the SPI protocol to erase, read and write operations. I need to interface AT45DB641E with the micro controller. Here i am unable to understand how to start with the coding...
  4. chandu.kurapati

    Idea for creating unit testing environment for embedded project with python script;

    Hello, First of all thank you very much for reading my concern... I have developed a embedded application(platform is quite stable and developed in 'C') and done with the unit testing(with hardware) and documented the test cases also, this approach is quite good(for small application). But in...
  5. chandu.kurapati

    [SOLVED] Need optimized code for digital stability check logic

    Hi, /* Global values */ u32 Switch1Stable = 0; u32 Switch2Stable = 0; /* Function to check for the switch stability*/ /* Switch1 & Switch2 values passed to this function as per switch status */ 1---->depressed 0----->released /* This function is called for every 1 ms */ static void...
  6. chandu.kurapati

    [SOLVED] why ground reference is required?

    Hello, In circuit for DC power supply, ground reference is required, is it necessary? with out ground reference what will be happen?
  7. chandu.kurapati

    Alternative current(AC) rate of reversal

    How US power supply 60hz, reversing 120 times for second? How it is? for example India power supply 230hz then how many times reversing in second?
  8. chandu.kurapati

    How to run .blf file in CANlyzer offline mode

    Hi, Can any one guide me to run .blf file in the CANlyzer offline mode...
  9. chandu.kurapati

    Resolution of a bit in ADC value based on SAM method

    Hi, I'm working with a 10 bit ADC based on successive approximation method, max & min input voltages are 5v & 0v respectively. can any one explain about resolution of each bit & how to calculate it..
  10. chandu.kurapati

    Looking to gain hardware design knowledge

    Hi, I have good experience with embedded software design & implementation, now i want to focus on hardware design. I'm from electronics background can understand the things easily, can any one give specific path to become a good circuit designer. I'm expecting some website's or PDF's to...
  11. chandu.kurapati

    Automotive forum is required;

    Hi folks, Edaboard is great community to get solutions for simple & complex problems. I solved so many real time project software problems with help of this community. It's a small word to say thanks to all that folks. But why don't we have a automotive section in this forum, it can help so...
  12. chandu.kurapati

    What is idle shutdown in truck technology?

    Hi, When i'm reading about truck technology got a word like idle shutdown & described like engine going to shut down mode after predefined time. what is the functionality of it, can any one explain about it.
  13. chandu.kurapati

    Mechanical vs Electrical compressor in trucks

    Hi, Can any one please explain about the difference between electrical & mechanical compressor in truck technology.
  14. chandu.kurapati

    How to choose & bring up infotainment board and how to develop application with it

    How to choose & bring up infotainment board and how to develop application with it Hi, I want to develop the car infotainment box, which might have simple features like audio, video, GPS & Bluetooth etc............ For this i have some doubts: 1) How can i choose the appropriate hardware, any...
  15. chandu.kurapati

    Play videos with LIBVLC;

    Hi, LIBVLC is the open source library to play audio & video files etc.., here i want to play some video from my local memory with the help of API calls of the LIBVLC. The code can design with C++ in visual studio 2010. can anyone help me to play videos with LIBVLC, how can i play. Can any one...
  16. chandu.kurapati

    Can we write micro controller firmware in python;

    Hi, Now i'm enjoying the beauty of python programming, it's very flexible to the programmer. But it is the interpreter based language, it won't generate the image file like compiler based language C. Any choices to generate the image file, to do the micro controller driver level programming...
  17. chandu.kurapati

    Push pull vs open drain in multi master configuration

    Hi, From my experience, multi master configuration is possible with open drain configuration i.e for example I2C, CAN etc.... But in push pull configuration only multi slave is possible i.e example: SPI Why multi master configuration is not possible in push pull configuration & what the...
  18. chandu.kurapati

    which factors effecting the communication protocol speed

    Hi, Generally in any communication protocol (I2C, SPI, CAN etc..) mentioned like max & min speeds in some mbps (or) kbps. That speeds mostly vary from one protocol to another protocol, on which factors speed of the protocol decided, which factors effect the speed of the protocol & how it...
  19. chandu.kurapati

    Controller Area Network is advantage or disadvantage?

    Hi, Controller Area Network(CAN) is implemented with the mechanism like error handling & over loaded frame & fault confinement etc.... I think it is more overload for protocol to do this many of operations, is it advantage (or) disadvantage for the controller area network. Can any one please...
  20. chandu.kurapati

    Can we play videos through CAPL script?

    Hi, I'm going to work on a automotive project, here the requirement to automate the video streaming through CAPL script? is it possible to do that? It is too urgent requirement, can any one please help me.....

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