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  1. vividvilla

    Hey...lets glue together

    Hi I was out of this forum for a while...and now I am back.So I want to reinitiate the discussions in this Group. Here you can share about your Experience,Work and Queries If you have any. Also I am excited to announce my new blog which I named as Electronics blog -...
  2. vividvilla

    Single Digit Decimal counter using Arduino

    Here is my recent project using Arduino...It is pretty simple and useful for Arduino beginners. Single Digit Decimal counter using Arduino You cam find the schematic and code in my Electronics blog - https://www.techiestuffs.com/electronics/single-digit-counter-arduino/ Hope you guys like it
  3. vividvilla

    Convert USB port to RS232 port

    Try Now..the website was down when u accessed.
  4. vividvilla

    What are the Blogs and Websites available for Learning Arduino

    Hello friends this post is in a hunt for finding the most useful Arduino resources on web,so please add Links to blogs,websites or videos which will be useful for Arduino Enthusiasts. I have listed some Blogs and Websites Arduino Official Blog adafruit blog Make Magazine Arduino blog...
  5. A

    Arduino Enthusiasts

    Dedicated to all Arduino Enthusiasts and Hobbyists.Latest news,Articles,Projects about arduino will be Updated
  6. vividvilla

    Top Arduino Intermediate projects

    Here is a list of Top 10 Intermediate projects for Arduino Enthusiasts - Top 10 Arduino Projects for Pro
  7. vividvilla

    How to remove a virus from a pen drive which has been formated ?

    The best solution i can suggest is Use some linux Live cd's(Ubuntu may be better ) and After loading to live cd format your pendrive now your pendrive will get clean without any virus.If you often get problems like this then better switch to LInux.
  8. vividvilla

    Fedora Electronics Lab

    You can Install Eagle Light version i Fedora,you can download it from here - And You ca use SCILAB or OCTAVE as alternative to MATLAB,In either software you can use .M file (matlab file format) and I personally consider Octave as best alternative It coms preinstalled with FEL and you ca...
  9. vividvilla

    Convert USB port to RS232 port

    This project lets you conveniently connect any computer with USB ports directly to a simple, traditional connector the 9-pin RS-232,It converts the electrical signals from a USB<–>serial TLL convertor to the RS-232 standard. So in a nutshell,it converts a USB port into a standard but basic...
  10. vividvilla

    blocking of websites.........

    There is some software's for parental control for windows only.I found one in Rapid.pk (HomeGuard Activity Monitor | Rapid.pk) i hope this will solve your problem i personally use this software for the same purpose what you want for.
  11. vividvilla

    RFID FAQ’s

    Hi this is an small faq based on RFID to view full faq visit here -RFID - frequently asked questions(FAQ) What is RFID? Radio frequency identification, or RFID, is a term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. It generally has two important...
  12. vividvilla

    Emergency Light circuit

    Get this Circuit The idea for this circuit came when I was repairing my aunt’s emergency light. Bulb based emergency lighting has a low efficiency and ultrabright l.e.d.s provide greater efficiency and more illumination, with a much extended battery life. It was therefore decided to change...
  13. vividvilla

    books and websites for learning microcontroller from scratch

    Sorry i am not mean that i am new to this forum i am actually new to robotics thats what i meant nothing else. ---------- Post added at 22:19 ---------- Previous post was at 22:15 ---------- Thanks for your response,I was actually thought of learning PIC series microcontrollers and I have...
  14. vividvilla

    books and websites for learning microcontroller from scratch

    Hi,I want to learn about microcontrollers so if you could suggest good books and websites for learning microcontroller it will be useful for me and I am a newbie so please consider that also.
  15. vividvilla

    suggest about making robot

    suggestion about making robot Hi i am an engineering student and i am interested in making robots but i am confused where to start and which one will be easy for beginner....any suggestions
  16. vividvilla

    Fire extinguishing robot (how to do)

    I think i have read about this project before but i could not remember where.......
  17. vividvilla

    Smart Garden Light

    Get circuit diagram here Often Garden Lights are made by high watt electric bulbs which increases the power consumption ,In order to solve this problem we built a smart garden light which is built by 32 yellow LED’s hence the power consumption is very Less.This smart Garden light can be set...
  18. vividvilla

    vividvilla's Blog

    vividvilla's Blog
  19. vividvilla

    Measure your stress level – Tension meter

    Download tension meter circuit here If you, like so many other people in this day and age, arrive home from work stressed out and with the problems of the day still lingering,this simple little instrument will go a long way to relieving nervous tension. Of the various types of feedback...
  20. vividvilla

    difference between open source and free soucrce

    You are right but i have some knowledge about that basically there are two licenses available for opensourece GPL and BSD.Android falls on BSD category that is why the commotion is..I suppose

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