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    automated physical keystroker

    Hiya everybody: I´m looking for ideas for an automated physical keystroker, this is intended for keystroking a particular physical keyboard Thanks in advance :)
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    [moved] Dedicated 4 channel PWM IC

    Hi everyone: Recomend me a dedicated 4 channel PWM IC
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    squared value input voltage

    I'm looking for a simple circuit that squares the value of the input voltage, this is : If I have a 1.2V at the input , the output must be 1.2*1.2 = 1.44V, and so on thanks in advance for your comments.
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    what type of transistor do I need? (wave inside)

    I need to obtain the Vout from Vin , what type of transistor do I need? p.s. WAVES CAN BE INVERSE - one or both- it doesn't matter
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    What are the differences between these NOT gates ?

    not gates what are the differences between these NOT gates ?
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    on/off and emergency stop circuit using relays

    e stop circuit I need a simple electric circuit using relays and a push button for turning on/off the power supply and an emergency stop for disabling the power supply. ideas are welcomed :)
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    Getting this sawtooh waveform

    What is an easy way to get this waveform?
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    easiest way to conver a sine wave to a sawtooh wave?

    I have a 9.3VAC 60Hz wave and I want to obtain a sawtooth wave from it What is the easiest way to do that?
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    Basic/Intermediate info about SMD technology?

    where can I find it? t.i.a.
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    I'm looking for a circuit for direct driving this LCD ...

    4 Digit passive LCD display with a PIC16f628 (or could be a f84A) ideas , comments are welcomed :)
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    Best C++ book for hardware interface?

    please suggest me some books :)
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    I'm looking for a simple/easy DC converter 1V to 3.3V

    I was planning to implement it with a LMC555 , but it requires at least 1.5V :( I need at least 25mA @ 3.3VCD any ideas are welcomed :)
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    24LC65 & PIC16F84 subroutine

    I have tried several programs for writing & reading a 24lc65 with a PIC16F84 without satisfactory results :( Does someone know a 100% tested and 100% reliable subroutine for writing & reading a 24lc65 with a PIC16F84? please : DO NOT post a program/link if you actually HAVEN'T tested it.
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    Problem with TI datasheet of IC CD4521B

    Re: problem with IC CD4521B I'm using the circuit suggested on the datasheet with RT = 15K, C = 1000pF and RS = 33K. But I don't have any signal on PIN10 (must be T ≈ 9 seconds) schematic [iurl]http://img47.imageshack.us/img47/9237/examplebw0.gif[/url] of course, I don't have any signal on...
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    PIC16F84A and process time counting

    I'm trying to do a program for recording a variable every 10 minutes. The problem is How do I measure with precision the time of the recording process without using interrupts? the recording process takes from 1.6 to 2.0 seconds. Maybe this can give you an idea
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    Elementary resistive network

    I want to know the voltage VA on this circuit :
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    direct pic16f84 communication with com1 w/o using any IC.

    does someone have a subroutine? thanks in advance.
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    I want to get these waveforms

    I have A, I want B and C using the least quantity of possible devices. T.I.A.
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    How do I eliminate the rebound effect due to ...

    pushbutton rebound software the pushbuttons? (specifically in this circuit) I'm using those PB's for interrupt service
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    Just for ppl who tried AN828 from Microchip, using PIC16f84A

    I have tried hard that project w/o positive results. Here's the schematic (attached) for the AN828

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