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    Differential measurement with single ended probes in VNA

    Hi all I have to measure S parameters for a differential line.But I have a constraint that it is not possible to measure coupling factors,s12(ie b/w adjacent ports) because of the close proximity of ports.Can you suggest a way to calculate the differential S parameters from single ended lines...
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    Addition of real part and imaginary part of voltage in hspice

    I need to add the real and imaginary part of voltage in HSPICE.I need to get magnitude Vm is not working.I guess I shoud add both separately and calculate the magnitude. Please provide the command Thanks & Regards
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    To convert brd file to siw file

    How to convert brd file to siw file so that it can be used in siwave?Or please suggest some other method it can be converted to siw file using ansoftlinks?? Thanks in Advance
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    Time Domain Simulation in Hspice from touchstone file

    Can somebody tell me how we can do the time domain simulation in Hspice with touchstone file(.s*p)?? Thanks & Regards
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    dielectric constant of bowtie antennas for GPR applications

    What is the criteria for selecting the dielectric constant of bowtie antennas for GPR applications??
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    feed position of bow tie antenna

    Hi Do anyone know how to find the feed position of a bow tie antenna.
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    radiation pattern of dipole using method of moments

    cn anyone help me getting the radiation pattern of a dipole??I'm using method of moments.With that i got current distributions.I used piecewise sinusoidal functions.After that i've to plot the radiation pattern.I'm getting differnt value of current for same regions as i'm using the overlapping...
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    Ads software:Pls give the link for ADS

    cn any1 give me ADS software?Pls give the link for ADS..If u could upload the tutorial materials also.
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    coax feeding for slot excited two layer dielectric hemispherical resonator antenna

    hi.. i need to simulate a two layer hem. dra,slot excited..and the slot itself is fed with coaxial cable..the slot is in ground plane..i am new to hfss.. donno which type of excitation i should give to the port..and i'm also confused about the thickness of ground plane and the thikness of slot...
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    coaxial to slot line transition

    hi.. any material on coaxial to slot line transition??
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    coaxial cable to feed an annular slot

    hi.. need to feed an annular slot of avg. radius 7.7mm and thickness 1mm..need to do the simulation in hfss..tried alot..din work yet..wil be thankful if u cud help..

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