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    [SOLVED] Regarding placement legalization in cadence

    Hi Sam, Is there any step legalization in the Floor Plan or the Tool will take care of it may i know Please
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    [SOLVED] Regarding placement legalization in cadence

    Hi experts, i have a doubt in placement, May i know what is the legalization in Placement,what is the importance of this step in placement, how we will do it By using cadence and synopsis tools. Please help me on this, Thanks in Advance
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    [SOLVED] Request for Cadance Encounter commands of different violations

    Hi All, I am new to the Cdanace encounter, may i know the various commands to know the congestion and Timing reports every step in the encounter, and what are the other analysis i can do for my design
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    to know about the institute

    hai this is pavan can i know which the best institute for vlsi i got addmission in maven vlsi,sandeepni,and rv vlsi among these which is the best or any other institute please suggest me pavanmuvvala4@gmail.com

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