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    Can you saturate a voltage meter?

    Voltage meter Hi, Is it possible that we can satured a voltage meter? I mean that an overload of high voltage through the voltage meter. Thanks, Mica
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    What are the criteria for an UWB switch ?

    UWB switch Hi, What are the criteria for an UWB switch? In other words, what are the conditions that we say that this swicth is an UWB switch? Also, can you provide me good books on UWB switch for beginners? Thanks, Le
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    generic model spiral stripline antenna Feko

    Hi, Can anyone provided me a generic spiral stripline antenna in Feko simulation? Thanks, Mica
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    What's the importance of source frequency for antenna?

    Hello, I need some clarifications. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Here is my summary of the problem which I don't quit understand. The source ( feed the antenna) will attach to the antenna. Quit obvious. The only thing is to be sure to match the source to the antenna to avoid inefficiency...
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    antenna and generator question

    Hello, A generator gives a 100 volts output in 3 secondes and it connected to an dipole antenna (assuming no loss in connection). What will be the fequency of this output that can radiated this maximum energy? Because a dipole its lenght is lamda/2 to radiate the maximum energy. How can you...
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    Where can I find an evaluation version of PSpice OrCAD?

    Hi, Where can I find an evaluation version of PSpice ? I don't want the student version and I have download PSpice from OrCAD. It is very complicated. It doesn't read schematic file which I have created from PSpice version student (MicroSim). Can some help me? Regards, Mica
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    Whats the difference between PSpice,TSpice & other versi

    Spice Hi, Can any one tell me what is the difference between PSpice,TSpice and another version of Spice ? I'm a bit confuse. Regards, Mica
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    Question about the input impedance of an antenna

    Input impedance Hi, I'm a little bit confuse. Concerning the input impedance of an antenna, I have excited a dipole with a pluse (gaussian). The output data at each frequency is associated with one input impedance. Is this mean that to have that energy radiated I have to match this impedance...
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    Need the output data of an impulse in PSpice

    Output data Hi, Can someone provide me an output data of an impulse in PSpice, the width of this impulse is about 1 nanosec (voltage vs time)? Thanks, Mica
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    Where to find output data from PSpice?

    Hi, I need some help on my output data from PSpice. I have run a circuit and I want to figure out where are my output data. I mean when you run the circuit, it plots a graph current (I) vs time. I saw the plot in the software but is it possible to get these data? I search all the I open all the...
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    Frequency Domain vs Time Domain

    Hi, What are the advantages and drawbacks of using a frequency domain or a time domain solvers? Best regards, Mica
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    Who works on Ansys Multiphysics software?

    Ansys software Hi all, Does someone familiare with Ansys "Multiphysics" software ? Not many thread on it? Regards, Mica
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    Software cost difference: CST and XFDTD

    Hi, Why is so expensive the CST software vs XFDTD? Well, I have a demo version of XFDTD, one disavantage I saw so far is they don't have a far field radiation pattern. But this don't explain that CST cost the twice. Please can someone tell me why? Best regards, Mica
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    Basic question Time Domain vs Frequency Domain

    frequency sinus fourier basic Hi all, I'm confuse between Time Domain and Frequency Domain solvers. Well in my understanding, Time Domain is useful when you have an excitation voltage or current which is not a simple sinus. Because, if you do Fast Fourier Transform on a delta impulse ,let's...
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    Frequency dependant material

    Hi, Can someone suggested a 3D EM software which has a feature of frequency dependant material ? I know XFDTD offere this option, is CST MWs offere also? Thanks, Mica
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    What's your opinion on XFDTD software?

    Hi, Does anyone know the XFDTD software from Remcon ? If so, please tell me what do you think of it ? In this forum, there are no mentionne of this software. Thanks, Mica
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    Why softwares don give H-field in far field calculation?

    e-field h-field 120pi Hi, Question: Why many output softwares don't give the H-field in the far field calculation? Maybe am I missing something? Thanks, Mica
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    3D Simulator(lumped ports, waveguide ports, plane waves?)

    3D Simulator Hi, I have read some threads in this forum and I found some criteria for the choice of a software. 1) what kind of excitations can be applied to the structure (e.g. lumped ports, waveguide ports, plane waves?) Can you give me some examples of softwares on these items? 2) is...
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    Need info on Thin wire modelling with Kernel limitation

    thin wire kernel Hi, Can anyone provide me some references on the Thin wire modeling with Kernel limitation? I using a SuperNec demo version and in one place I have to specifie the interaction between two segements and this is with Kernel application. I'm not sure what should be this distance...

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