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    24-bit width input data converted to 32-bit width data

    Hello everybody: I want to capture the input data and store them into SRAM. The Width of the input data is 24-bit at a speed of 50MHz, but the SRAM input data width is 32-bit. So, how can I do? I put forword the following solutions: 1) Using serials-in-parallel-out (SIPO) and PISO. Capture the...
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    single ended clock connected to the N-side differential pin

    Hi,everyone: I use Virtex5 and ISE10.1. I connect one chip’s single ended clock to the N-side of clock capable pins of Virtex5 FPGA by accident on my PCB board. But Xilinx’s manual demands :“1)Do not connect a single ended clock to the N-side of the differential clock pair of pins, for...

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