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    Simulation of microstrip antennas

    To download IE3D evaluation version you have to register at Zeland Software (go to the "Get Evaluation Account & Password" section at https://www.zeland.com/). And after you'll get yout login and password, you would be able to download IE3D software. Good luck :) megi
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    Simulation of microstrip antennas

    You can download IE3D from https://www.zeland.com . Unfortunately there aren't any legal & free versions of HFSS or Momentum ADS. Best wishes, megi
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    Filter designing in Ansoft Designer SV

    Hi! I'm seeking for tutorials, lectures and other materials about simulations in Ansoft Designer. The main interest is filter designing. Thanks for your help!
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    "Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics" by Mr.

    Hey! I'm looking for book by Mr. Sadiku called "Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics". Does anyone have in an electronic form (*.pdf)? meg
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    Looking for "Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design&quot

    Hi! I'm looking for a book by Randy Bancroft called "Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design". Does anyone have in an e-book form? meg

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