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    MOSFET operation in subthreshold region

    Hi All, Is applying the small-signal model for the MOSFET transistor that operates in subthreshold region correct? Are “gm” and “rO" values or equations in subthreshold region as saturation region??????? Please help me…
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    port-to-port isolation equation in ADS

    For port-to-port isolation curve in data display window in ADS, I need to LO2IF, LO2RF,… equations, but I can’t write it, because I don’t know it’s relation, can I help me about it, please????????
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    VT,(µpcox),(µncox) value in tsmc_rfcmos018_v5a

    Dear all, I need to VT,(µpcox),(µncox) values in tsmc_rfcmos018_v5a , pleas help me....
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    0.18 um TSMC technology file

    Dear all, I need TSMC o.18um CMOS technology file, who can upload this for me please?
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    Need to 0.35 um TSMC CMOS technology file for simulation with ADS

    I need 0.35um TSMC process ( as I know only TSMC , UMC no tdb file ..) who can share it ..

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