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    Fields at different adaptive passes in HFSS

    Hello, I want to know if it is possible to the plot field values at different adaptive passes in a single analysis setup instead of having to create a different analysis setup for different adaptive passes. As an example, I have a single analysis setup with 20 adaptive passes, and will like to...
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    [SOLVED] hfss error : the security account database contains an internal inconsistency

    Please how did you resolve this problem, and what was the cause. I am having the same problem now with HFSS. Thanks. Abayomi
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    Difference between Using Perfect E and Symmetry Perfect E

    Thank you for your response. I also got a reply from ANSYS. The field solutions are exactly the same but for post processing the symmetry BCs are used (the mirrored part of the problem are included in post processing) while for the Perfect E and Perfect H, post processing results are generated...
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    Difference between Using Perfect E and Symmetry Perfect E

    I am trying to reduce the simulation time for my model, so I tried to apply symmetry boundaries. When apply the "Symmetry perfect E" and "Symmetry perfect H" to appropriate boundaries. I get a similar result compared to simulating the full problem domain. I do not have a port in my simulation so...
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    HFSS Transient for modeling THz pusled Imaging

    I am new to HFSS and I need help with simulating focused gaussian THz beam in HFSS transient. The Gaussian beam option cannot be selected as an incident wave in HFSS transient solution type(I don't know why). I actually want to get the reflected signal from different points on a sample when...

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