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    Does anyone suffer HFSS crashes when using field calculator?

    HFSS field calculator Just a quick question for my fello HFSS suffers.... Does anyone suffer HFSS crashes when using the field calculator? It seems the program becomes very unstable and will often crash citing a memory problem / conflict. This happens on both work and home copies of HFSS...
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    HFSS - exciting higher order modes in waveguide

    Hi all, This one has me stumped!:?: I would simply like to excite the TE20 mode within an X-band waveguide using waveports. I have been playing about with the integration lines but cannot get any field pattern other than the fundemental TE10 mode to propagate. It goes without saying but I am...
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    HFSS Field Calculator - Cookbook

    hfss field calculator Hi All, sorry if this has been asked loads (I've already done a search) but I am after a copy of the field calculator cookbook. If anyone could help out that would be great. Many Thanks in advance Keith

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