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    Question about draft dimensions in CST microwave Studio.

    draft dimensions in CST Is it possible to have any "cutting plane" and associated dimensions y CST microwave Studio? Thanks in advance. Clara
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    CST-frequency domain solver

    I am working with rectangular waveguide to coax/microstrip transitions and some people have recomended me to run the frequency domain solver after having run the transient one. I would like to know how to manage with frequency solver menu and why it is important to run both solvers over the same...
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    SMA connector CST modeled

    I am trying to model and simulate the effects of a SouthWest Sma connector. Design is quite simple, two connector and a piece of coplanar microstrip. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I get very bad results, very far from the desired ones. It is modelled in CST, I have checked boundary...
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    Simulating monofilar helix in WIPL-D

    Does anybody work with WIPL-D? I have been trying to simulate a monofilar helix and I would like to know if WIPL-D gives any information about axial ratio. If it is so, where do I have to search? Thank you in advance. Clara

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