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    Switched mode power supply

    1.The output of 12V SMPS is monitored in an oscilloscope with AC coupling enabled and with appropriate setting of time base and amplitude. What will be the waveform observed in the oscilloscope ? ans) Ripple alone can u please explain how did you get ripple alone
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    1. The current passing through a 10 ohm resistance is given by I=5+5√3 cos314t. The current is measured by a PMMC meter. What is the measured value?
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    1. The current in a 20 ohm resistor is given by I=2+4sin314t. The current is measured by a hot wire ammeter. What is the measured value?
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    Standard resistance values

    1.Which is not a "common" value of resistance. a) 2K7 b) 1M8 c) 330R d) 4K4 The Answer is 4K4 how?
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    Phasor diagram of a Amplitude modulation and Frequency modulation

    How to draw the Phasor diagrams of A.M and F.M. what are the reasons for the following two cases (1). In A.M the resultant of the two side band vectors is always in-phase with carrier component ,Why? (2). In F.M the resultant side band vector is always in phase-quadrature with carrier...
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    opticalcommunication properties

    Difference between photo conductive and photo voltaic principle
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    [moved] microprocessor basics

    A Microprocessor is (a) an analog device (b) a Digital device (c) Either an analog or a digital device (d)A combined analog and digital device which option is correct
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    optical communication numerical aperture

    Why the numerical aperture is less for long distance optical signal transmission and high for small distance optical signal transmission. Please explain the reasons
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    [SOLVED] Digital Electronics Combinational Circuits (adder, subtractor, NOR gates)

    I can able to design Full adder and Full Subtractor using 12 NOR gates. But I want to realize Full adder and Full subtractor by using Minimum number of NOR gates i.e 9 NOR gates. Please explain this Realization
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    PN junction diode Characteristics

    Explain the meaning of following statement: As doping increases the contact potential of the PN diode junction increases
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    Electronic Devices basics

    If an electron pass through a potential of 1 volt then its potential energy and kinetic energy will decrease by a 1 ev. Please explain how this statement corect
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    [SOLVED] Analog Communication

    During F.M Transmission if we interchange transmitter and receiver between particular two points the amount of information getting is same or changes
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    optical communication

    Why can't we use Optical fiber as a bi-directional channel.
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    Analog Communication - frequencies for AM vs FM

    Why we are using KHz to A.M and MHz to F.M. If we reverse the frequencies what happens i.e. for A.M MHz and for F.M KHz.
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    Optical communication

    What is the difference between "at intermediate points with in a cable where two fibers are joined and at intermediate points in a link where two cables are connected"
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    Doubt on baseband and bandpass

    I am working as an assistant professor , i want know about these topics clearly 1. What is the difference between baseband channel and bandpass channel 2. What is the difference between baseband transmission and bandpass transmission 3. What is the difference between baseband signal and...
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    voltage gain and bandwidth of an op-amp

    Hi,all In op-amp the band and openloop voltage gains are equal to infinity, what is the advantage of keeping both infinity

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