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    Sonar signal generation

    Can anyone suggest me on whether sonar signal generation is a good area of research or not?
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    How to add the outputs of a different voltage double ciruits

    hello everyone, can you please help me to add the outputs of two voltage doubler circuits shown in the following figure.
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    Reg: PCB fabrication terminologies

    hello there, can anyone please help me in understanding start cu(copper) thickness and finish cu(copper) thickness in the below invoice. I need to fabricate a PCB with copper thickness of 35 microns. If we consider the start cu(copper) thickness is 17.5mm and finish cu(copper) thickness is 35...
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    desgining a 28GHz patch antenna

    Hi, I would like to design a 28 GHz patch antenna in HFSS.....i have a doubt regarding radiation box...should i keep the general lambd/4 size radiation box? or else?.....
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    [SOLVED] How to bend a 3D object in HFSS

    Can anyone tell me how to bend 3D objects such as rectangular box in HFSS
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    [SOLVED] Reg : material definition in HFSS

    Hi, I am designing a textile antenna, for this purpose i need to define a Shieldit Fabric conducinng material with surface resistivity of 0.01 ohm meter and conductivity of 100 S/m. help me in defining this material in HFSS.
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    EBG cell simulation.

    https://www.emtalk.com/tut_3.htm Hello, i have designed an EBG cell given in the link .......https://www.emtalk.com/tut_3.htm i am getting the below warning. can you tell me how can we overcome this. PML group 'PMLGroup2' part 'PML_Box1' is contained by object 'Box3'
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    MIMO antenna design in HFSS

    Hi, I have designed a four element MIMO patch antenna systems, and i have used SMA connector with wave port to excite the each antenna. Can anyone suggest me how can i terminate other waveports with 50 ohm impedence while other waveports are excited.
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    UWB antenna simulation in HFSS

    Hello friends, I have designed an UWB antenna based on a paper in HFSS. base paper and hfss file are available in the below link. i need exact replica of the VSWR plot as well as gain vs frequency plot. i have plotted them but i didnot get the exact replica of both...
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    UWB antenna simulation

    Hello, I am unable to reproduce the simulated results for the below reference paper. help me in this regard.
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    Group delay vs frequency plot in HFSS

    Hello, please explain the necessary steps to plot group delay vs frequency in HFSS.
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    reg royer oscillator

    Hello everyone..I am designing a Royer oscillator for wireless power transmission. I am unable to produce the sinusoidal signal at the output .please provide suggestions.. i am attaching the multisim fil please go through i
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    regarding UWB antenna

    hello currently i am designing a UWB antenna based on an ieee paper, i could not reproduce the results given in the paper, please provide suggestions to overcome this problem? ------------------------------------------ A Compact Ultrawideband Antenna With 3.4/5.5 GHz Dual...
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    Op amp as DC amplifier

    Can we use op amp for dc voltage amplification ? Does DC amplifier and DC to DC converter represent same ?
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    How to detect circularly polarized wave ?

    Please help me on how to detect cp em wave with Loop antenna
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    please explain how to solve error in hfss

    Hi i am facing the error shown in the below image this is my hfss file ...please help me how to solve this problem, i have searched on RG , on that page some people mentioned solutions but i am unable to excute them. please solve this problem this my hfss file
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    Boundary condition error in hfss

    Hello, while checking boundary conditions hfss showing the error as " boundary RAD1 and boundary perfectE1 are overlap" please help me to solve this problem. i am attaching the hfss file please go through it.
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    what is the difference between signal and wave

    can anyone explain the difference between signal and wave with examples
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    polarization detection of one transistor fm transmitter

    hi, we have a simple one transistor fm transmitter with vcc=9v and its carrier frequency is 92 MHZ. suppose if i want to know its polarization what is the procedure?(actually i took two copper wires and one LED and then formed a simple dipole antenna but its not working)
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    reg: cpw feed in CST

    hi everyone,for the last one year i am working on designing a UWB antenna in cst. i have few doubts on cpw port dimensions in cst mw studio. 1. is my port dimensions to excite the cpw are correct ? if not please correct me 2. what are the details we need to consider before defining wave port...

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