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    Statistical Distribution

    Sir, I want to simulate one bow tie antenna with lumped source. I want to add noise to the source of the antenna that means changing setting as with this procedure: HFSS> design properties> click statistics> click distribution column> .... then after this I am unable to under stand what to do...
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    Facing problem while simulating with HFSS

    I need help to correct HFSS. When I start simulation, it gives message : (1)Adaptive solution setup, process hf3d error: Matrix solver exception: out of memory, please verify Desired/Maximum RAM Limit setting (2)Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine. I do not know...
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    help me for HFSS 14.0 Transient model

    Friends, I need a favor of you, for designing a project to plot RCS v/s time of a conducting body with HFSS 14.0 Transient model. EM waves are being radiated by patch antenna. I want to know the procedure to make this model. If you know/ have any solution, please share with me urgently.
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    microstrip bow tie antenna

    Hi Friends, please help me. I have designed a bow-tie antenna as with dimensions given in pic also. Dims are given as below; bow tie one arm: arm length=4.1cm, outer width=2cm, inner width=0.25cm Gap width=0.25 cm Sub= Width=10 cm, Length= 15 cm, height=62mil, permittivity=2.2 But I am getting...

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