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    Intermodulation distorsion in HFSS

    Deal all, Is HFSS able to simulate the intermodulation distorsion? Which means send two signals of different frequency into transmission line? Thanks
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    HFSS: solve inside and finite conductivity boundary

    Hi everyone, I read a paragraph in HFSS online help and I am not quite understand it. Just post and see if there anyone has some understand towards this one. It is under keyword "Solving inside or on the Surface" HFSS implicityly places a finite counductivity boundary condition on the surfaces...
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    HFSS: parameterize the material property?

    Hi everyone, I have a question on using optimetrics with HFSS. From the help files, there goes "One can parameterize the model geometry, material properties, or boundary conditions". Could anyone show me an example on paraterizing the material properties? I'm trying to vary some material...
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    HFSS Waveport Design for Coplanar Stripline

    Hi everyone, I'm asking how to design the waveport for coplanar stripline? Are there any good ideas? Thank you!
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    Mesh Refinement is too deep?

    Hi everyone, Have you ever met HFSS problem like this? "Mesh refinement is too deep. MDM mesher will make huge mesh for this model. Suggested solutions: (1). Remove the very small objects (2). Specify defeature length to certain objects " I check the model. There are no small objects. I also...
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    what is the order of basic function in HFSS

    It is shown in solution setup. I donot quite understand what it uses for. Could someone help me? Thank you!
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    Electrostatic force exist on the plate of a capacitor

    Hi everyone, I am reading Rebeiz's RF MEMS book. It says as follow:' When a voltage is applied between a fixed-fixed or cantilever beam and the pull-down electrode, an electrostatic force is induced on the beam. This is the well known electrostatic force which exists on the plates of a...
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    Duplicate - Mirror function in HFSS

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to use the mirror function to duplicate the elements. As it writes in the Help: 'Mirror an object about a plane. The plane is selected by defining a point on the plane and a normal point. ' But I'm not quite clear with the Base Position and Normal Position. How they...
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    hfssresults folder in HFSS

    Hi everyone, I am now moving moving my hfss designs from one hard disk to another. While I am doing that, I am curious about the function of the hfssresults folder. If it only contains the result of the design data, does it mean that I can only copy the .hfss file without the hfssresults folder...
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    HFSS Airbox Function and Its Size

    Hi everyone, I'm new to HFSS and I have questions about the airbox. My understanding and questions are just as follows. Hope you can point out my fault and any discussion on the topic is welcomed. As to my knowledge, the airbox is an artificial boundary that one set to separate the model...
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    What are the HFSS simulation time for different structures?

    Hi everyone, I know the mesh size, accuracy, delta s, number of pass and so on will have influence on the simulation time. I just wondering what is the general simulation time for different structures? Could you show some of your examples? Like what I am not trying on is the CPW structure...
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    [SOLVED] Waveport renormalize in HFSS

    Hi, I have a question about the renormalization. I'm now trying to compare the results of CPW model from ADS to HFSS. When I use the renormalization of the waveport to 50 ohm, the S11 and S21 are much similar to that in ADS (a little difference between them, but I guess they are much close),but...

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