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    Anyone has VCI standard??

    Hi all, I am looking for VCI interface 2.0 standard, but VSIA has been closed and I couldn't find the document by googling as well. Does anyone possibly have the standard document? Please share with me... :) Thanks in advance!
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    Using Synopsys DesignWare StarIPs without coreTools

    synopsys designware download coreconsultant Hello, I am trying to use DesignWare StarIP families such as DW_ahb, apb, memctl, etc. My university has the license for the DW IPs. However, the every documentation explain with Synopsys coreTools such as coreConsultant, and we don't have the...
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    Best material to learn Emacs??

    I recently started using Emacs, however it is quite unusual for me.. so....anyone can give me any advice to learn emacs?? actually, i wanna get used to asap though i know it's not easy...so...can you recommand me any material for it? need very detail one... Thanks
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    Companies using platform based design methodology??

    anyone knows about any company using the platform based design methodology to develop their products? If let me know what products have been developed with the methodology, it'd be grateful. plz, give me a list as many as possible.. :) Thanks
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    Anyone has Verilog syntax highlighting for gVIM??

    vim verilog syntax Does anyone have nice verilog syntax highlighing for gVIM(windows)? plz share with me..:) Thanks.
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    institute of system level integration in the UK

    anyone know about iSLI in Scotland? how about studying MSc there?

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