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    Soil moisture sensor

    [moved]problem with a sensor Dear all; I'm using a soil moisture sensor for my college project. But suppose that i need to implement it in a field of area say 500 acres. Where a moisture of every place will be different then how a single sensor can do the task for such a great area and using of...
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    [General] Pcb designing using multisim

    Dear all, I'm using multisim 13.0 for designing the pcb for my prototype and i'm not familiar with the procedure required to carry forward my using and how to use ultiboad. Can anyone help me with that.
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    Soil moisture sensor

    Dear all, I want to use a soil moisture sensor for a project which involves its interfacing with the microcontroller. Can anybody please recommend me which type of moisture sensor should i use and can it be interfaced with hyperterminal.
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    Sim900 airtel sim problem

    connect your modem with adaptor and simultaneously with the microcontroller, leave it ON and try after some time.
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    [51] unable to understand the data received after interfacing gps modem with hyperterminal

    Dear all; I want to display the date and on 16X2 lcd screenby receiving the data through gps modem.I'm using a skylab modem and i'm getting something like this $GPRMC,131823.000,A,2017.741317,N,08549.967682,E,0.00,180.82,151014,,,A*60...
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    [SOLVED] problem with the logic of GPS receiver interfaced through AT89S52

    Dear all; I've tried a lots of logic to extract the latitude and longitude but failed. Some garbage values are being displayed on my lcd screen.I need to extract the data fom this line $GPRMC,084616.000,A,2017.753882,N,08549.964748,E,0.00,0.00,230914,,,A*69 Please tell me any possible logic...

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